Of All Days (Of All Hearts Series) by Lily Baines
  • Of All Days (All Hearts Series) by Lily Baines
Of All Days Book Cover Of All Days
All Hearts Series
Lily Baines
New Adult, Adult, Contemporary Romance
Independently published
May 13, 2021
Kindle, Paperback

Can the most embarrassing day of your life lead to the love of your life? Corfu, Greece. It’s not a vacation for HR expert, Olivia Duncan. It’s a business trip. One that she has diligently planned for, because Olivia likes to keep things organized and perfect. Not even her frizzy hair gets away with not doing as she wants. But an embarrassing mishap at the company conference puts her in the path of Niko Teresi, a handsome taverna owner who knows a thing or two about how constricting corporate life can be. Olivia doesn’t do change or spontaneity. She never deviates from her path. Can Niko show her there’s life in letting go?

The perfect reading “snack”: lite yet delicious…

Of All Days, the third book in Lily Baines’ Of All Hearts Series, is a wonderful addition to an already great contemporary romance series. Olivia Duncan is convinced that the presentation of her research at the international HR conference in Corfu Greece will be the big break her career needs. In anticipation, she meticulously prepares everything; from her presentation to her wardrobe and makeup. What she doesn’t anticipate are airline delays and the loss of her luggage, leaving her in Corfu with only her laptop and the clothes on her back. But another series of mishaps sends her fleeing to a smaller village to nurse her battered pride where she ends up in the tavern of Niko Teresi. Niko understands that sometimes life is best lived off the corporate ladder and sets out to help Olivia find out what truly makes her happy.

“But, when the moment came, Olivia Duncan’s plans were as effective as the Titanic’s promise for a second voyage.”

Set on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu, Of All Days has the most beautiful backdrop for an equally beautiful story. The breathtaking scenery is a constant visual reminder to Olivia that there is so much more to life than her job and that even her most embarrassing moments can not hold a candle to these bigger things. Lily portrays Olivia’s experience in a way that everyone can relate to, encompassing all the emotions: shock, despair, anger, and hope in a story that works through one of the fundamental questions in life; how should you live your life to be truly be happy. Niko first meets Olivia at time she considers her worst; no make-up, her hair a natural frizzy mess, and dressed in a cheesy souvenir t-shirt. Yet, this is her most honest self and he is drawn to her strength, determination, and natural beauty.

Reading is food for the soul

Most readers have a wide ranging palette similar to our appetite for food. Sometimes we want a hearty and rich dinner and sometimes we crave a lite and delicious snack. Lily Baines is one of my “snack” authors of choice. Her books are a romantic escape from the burdens and responsibilities of life and a reprieve from the deeper, more consuming stories we all love to read. Her characters are relatable and likeable, her settings are fascinating and breathtaking, and her stories are fresh not canned. Get all three books in her Of All Hearts Series for a some great summer reading.