• A Scorching Hot, Paranormal, Supernatural Romance
The Untouched Book Cover The Untouched
The Unseen (Book 2)
Piper Sheldon
Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Romance, Contemporary Romance
Querque Press
June 08, 2021
ebook, paperback

Julia cannot touch him.

But she wants to.

She longs for a home where people can be safe from her unexplainable illness. When brilliant and sexy Nathaniel asks for her help she makes the impossible choice to stay. Maybe the key to having control is to lose it completely.

Nathaniel cannot resist her.

But it has a cost.

Custody of his brother hinges on the success of his project. He cannot fail. The mysterious and beautiful Julia could be the answer he’s been wishing for or a dangerous distraction.

With desire literally exploding between them, everything they have worked for is on the line. Can they keep their distance or will they risk it all for love?

The Untouched is a full-length paranormal romance, can be read as a standalone, and is the second book in the The Unseen series.

“Maybe this is the start of something. Hope washes through me. Time after time, hurt after hurt, I always end up hoping for the best.” —The Untouched, Piper Sheldon

The Untouched by Piper Sheldon is the second stand alone in The Unseen series. A contemporary romance with a superhero twist, The Untouched is perfect for any reader who is addicted to superhero origin storylines or a grownup version of comic book tales.

I didn’t want The Untouched to end. It’s quickly becoming apparent to me that Piper Sheldon never fails to deliver a story that I absolutely adore. In fact, I think The Untouched is my new favorite, and quite possibly the best release yet.

Julia is a character that reminds me of Elsa from Frozen. Her powers are strong, but she doesn’t understand them, so her fear dictates how she lives her life. Never staying in one place for too long, Julia is an outcast that craves connection but never lets herself become too close to people in order to ensure their own safety. Her past is tragic and filled with loss that ultimately dictates how she lives her life as an adult—never staying in one place for too long, and not growing attached to anything. Fear isn’t the only emotion that shapes Julia as a character. She feels emotions deeply because she’s so empathetic and cares deeply about the people she comes into contact with…even plants.

“Love is not weakness. Love is strength.”

When she meets Nathaniel and his plucky band of super-genius nerds, Julia begins to change and start her journey to personal growth and discovery. Have you watched Scorpion? That cast is entirely how I envisioned Nathaniel and his team that work on Lite Brite. I love the bond that comes from finding friends who are unique and have embraced the fact that they don’t meet the social standards for “normal.” Nathaniel gives the impression of a marshmallow of a man (sweet and squishy) combined with the physical appearance of a professional basketball player. Hello, sir. You have my attention. I also loved that Nathaniel is unapologetically attracted to Julia. He even goes out of his way to ensure that he treats her respectfully, kindly, and that his team does as well. Nathaniel is the epitome of the “good guy.”

Working with a genius scientist opens Julia up to exploring the powers within her. As she learns more, she begins to trust herself around her colleagues. With that growth comes an inner peace that begins to unfurl, which in turn fuels her powers. What is truly alluring is romantic tension that burns up the pages.  Nathaniel and Julia’s relationship is catnip to a romance reader like myself. Their desperation to keep their relationship professional constantly wars with their carnal feelings which results in interactions that defy the Scoville scale. Definitely have your water bottle filled and ready for all the thirst that you will experience while reading these scenes.

“I think of all the forms of caring. It’s all love. It is everywhere. Love is a type of energy. I love and I am loved. That’s what makes me strong.”

I loved everything about The Untouched. Between the banter, the nerdy references, the description and earnestness of the emotional vulnerability from both Nathaniel, his brother, Lincoln as well as Julia are portrayed on the page tugged at all of my heart strings. Even days later, my mind is still in the lab with Julia and Nathaniel.

If you’re a fan of any superhero or superhuman storyline, contemporary romance with a bit of a mystery, and stories of love that survive against all odds then this is the book for you. The Untouched by Piper Sheldon is a top shelf, five-star read for sure.