• A Sweet but Spicy Contemporary Romance
Finding Ronan's Heart Book Cover Finding Ronan's Heart
Vested Interest: ABC Corp (Book 2)
Melanie Moreland
Contemporary Romance, Canadian Romance
Moreland Books Inc
June 24, 2021

“The boys.”

“The Callaghan Triplets.”

“Three of a kind.”

All his life, Ronan Callaghan has been part of a group. Always looking out for his brothers. Never seen as an individual or judged on his own merits.When his brothers veer onto their own path, he finds himself alone. Restless. Then he meets her. Beth. A waitress who sees him just for himself. None of the trappings of his wealth or family. A woman who only wants to know him—Ronan.She captures his heart, but how will she feel when she discovers the truth he’s holding back? Can he show her the man he really is?That he would be rather be hers than anything else?

“The way he’d tucked me behind him, ready to defend, made me feel special and…protected. Safe.” —Finding Ronan’s Heart, Melanie Moreland

Finding Ronan’s Heart by Melanie Moreland is a great contemporary romance if you like your sweet romance served with a heaping side of spicy scenes. While part of an on-going series, Finding Ronan’s Heart can easily be read on its own and readers won’t be lost at all while enjoying a story that is chock full of love in unexpected places, learning to love after heartache, and finding that love and boundaries go hand in hand.

Ronan Callaghan is the third wheel in his trio of triplet brothers. Never wanting to cause a ripple or any fuss, Ronan is the kind of man who is selfless and kind beyond all measure. Beth is equally as selfless as Ronan. As caretaker of her younger brother, as well as college student and waitress, Beth has a full plate and dating is the last thing on her mind. Ronan and Beth’s romance is as sweet as a slice of cake. When Ronan’s brothers begin to date twins, he’s left on his own for the evenings and discovers the diner where Beth works in the evenings. Ronan is relentless yet respectful and eventually wears down Beth’s concerns about dating. I loved how seamlessly their lives fit together. Beth and Ronan’s chemistry is off the charts. I adore that both Ronan and Beth are kind and considerate but behind closed doors they are wild for each other! Yowza!

“All I could see was her. Wild hair, dark eyes that beckoned. A full mouth I wanted to claim.”

Melanie Moreland has a knack for creating characters that you want to befriend and families that are so fun that you want to be enmeshed into their lives. Even though Ronan is genuine in his affection for Beth, his zeal to try to keep her to himself conflicts with his family and ultimately his relationship with her. While the drama of their story revolves around Ronan’s larger than life family, the resolution for this couple also stems from the family as well. Finding Ronan’s Heart is so heartfelt! I love a man who will do anything for the person he loves and a woman who is willing to open her heart to experience that. As an additional tidbit, I absolutely cannot wait to read Liam and Paige’s book. Their scenes almost stole the show.

Finding Ronan’s Heart is addictive and so sweet, but with enough spicy bits to keep every type of romance reader happy. Be prepared for this truly bingeworthy summer read as it releases today June 24th!