• Fate Interrupted (Moonstone Cove Book 3) by Elizabeth Hunter
Fate Interrupted Book Cover Fate Interrupted
Moonstone Cove Book 3
Elizabeth Hunter
Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Mystery, Contemporary Romance
Recurve Press, LLC
June 8, 2021
Kindle, Paperback

She had her life all planned out; fate had other ideas.

How did an accomplished Southern businesswoman, wife, and mother end up living on California’s Central Coast, working for a stubborn wine-maker, newly divorced, and wrestling with sudden psychic powers?

Megan Carpenter asks herself that same question nearly every day.

She’s working her way back to the business world and starting her own event planning business, but fate keeps throwing her curveballs. Her ex has an unexpected new girlfriend, her telekinetic powers keep short-circuiting, and her self-control—at least when it comes to her boss, Nico Dusi—is slipping.

Thank goodness she has the two best friends in the world. With Katherine and Toni at her side, Megan is determined to keep her plans on track, even when at unexpected theft at the winery threatens the new business she’s building.

When Nico asks Megan, Toni, and Katherine for help finding the thief, life in Moonstone Cove gets even more mind-bending. Experimental grape clones, industrial espionage, and bizarre blood stains. Even for three psychic friends, this mystery may be more than they can handle on their own.

Just keeps getting better…

Fate Interrupted, the third book in Elizabeth Hunter’s Moonstone Cove series is a wonderful addition to her paranormal mystery writings.  Set in California’s central coast wine country, the Moonstone Cove Series tells the story of a trio of unexpected friends who are brought together by a sudden traumatic event that leaves Katherine, Toni, and Megan with different paranormal gifts and abilities.  Each book highlights one of the ladies personal lives, but is a group effort to solve the murder mysteries that keep popping up in this quiet agricultural community. In Fate Interrupted Megan is still trying to master her telekinesis, but her friendship with Katherine, the professor who has psychic visions, and Toni, a mechanic and empath, and their wine Wednesdays have nurtured more than just her gift. They are her support through the divorce from her philandering husband, Rodney, of twenty plus years and as she begins to reconstruct her life.  To rebuild her career in event planning, Megan starts working for Toni’s cousin, Nico, at the Dusi family vineyard.  As her business starts to grow so does the attraction to her hard-headed but highly attractive boss when a new mystery forces them to deal with each other on a more personal level.

“What happens when you take three complete strangers

and add sudden psychic powers, life threatening experiences,

and hot men into the mix?…”

It really is hard to pick which lady; Katherine, Toni, or Megan, is my favorite character.  They are all so endearing in their own way and unique not only in their personalities but also in the manifestation of their paranormal gift.  Megan is truly a southern gal, bless her heart, that can be charming and complimentary to your face while thinking totally snarky things at the same time.  I absolutely loved that she has named her libido, Sugar, and has internal battles and dialogue with said alter-ego.  Sugar is also the main motivator to let down her guard and take a chance at romance with Nico, who will woo you too as he makes a play for Megan.  There is a wonderful chemistry between them that you will absolutely love!  As I’ve said with the other books in this series, which holds true for Fate Interrrupted, I love the friendship, comradery, and banter between these three gals and would happily join a wine Wednesday on Katherine’s deck overlooking the ocean.

A spin-off of the Glimmer Lake Series, Moonstone Cove stories even get cameo appearances from the wonderful ladies from Glimmer Lake.  The stories are immersed in the daily workings of California wine country, and its not a stretch to see that Elizabeth has done extensive research on the area and the industry.  I always enjoy an author who not only entertains with the quality of their story but also educates by getting all the details and facts right.  I also love how Elizabeth makes the unique paranormal gifts plausible in a normal world.  The struggle to understand and master these gifts would be a challenge and that trial is done in a truly human way.  Fate Interrupted is an excellent addition to an already great series chalk full for vibrant characters, wonderful friendship, and captivating paranormally solved mysteries.