• World of Danger (Undercover Magic Book 3) by Meg Anne
Hint of Danger, Face of Danger, World of Danger Book Cover Hint of Danger, Face of Danger, World of Danger
Undercover Magic
Meg Anne
New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Rantasy
Words that Sparkle
May 1, 2021
Kindle, Paperback

Hint of Danger: Book 1

Lina wants the one thing a ghost can’t have. To be touched.

When she’s given the opportunity to rejoin the world of the living and experience exactly that, the muscle-bound immortal warrior with icy blue eyes is just what the doctor ordered.

As soon as Nord sees Lina sitting at the bar, he knows she’s who he’s been searching for. The woman he’s soul-bound to protect.

There’s just one problem.

He’s helpless against the very thing she needs protection from: Her past.

Lina might be the ghost, but she’s the one who’s haunted. Because the secrets of her past are coming for her. And if her dreams are any indication, those truths are the reason she ended up dead in the first place.

So while fate may have granted her a second chance at life, unraveling the mystery of who—and what—she used to be is the only thing standing between her and happily ever after.

Face of Danger: Book 2

Armed with Nord and her reawakened powers, Lina will not rest until she finds the man responsible for her murder. However, rediscovering her complicated history with the man who killed her also reveals something much darker.

Lina is one of the heirs to the notorious criminal order, the Mobius Council, an organization that the Brotherhood has been seeking to destroy for decades.

Hunted by her murderer, wanted by the Brotherhood, and struggling to relearn her powers, Lina will need to put everything on the line to reclaim her life. Failure isn't an option. Because losing means forfeiting the one thing she holds above everything else. Nord.

World of Danger: Book 3

Lina thought the threats of her past would die along with Mataius. She should have known better. Nothing in her life is ever easy.

Nord and Lina may have dealt with her murderer, but along the way they also managed to land themselves at the top of several shit lists. Now the Drakes, the Brotherhood, and even the mysterious King of the Underground, Crombie, all want a piece of them.

One unhappy supernatural order they could probably handle. All of them at the same time? Not so much.

Especially not after discovering the Drake’s grisly message or Nord’s parting gift from the Director.

The truth is, Lina and her friends are outnumbered, outgunned, and outmatched. Thankfully, her uncle left her a clue that may just be the key they need to turn the tide. Before they can decipher it, however, they'll need to find a safe place to regroup.

But where do you go when there’s nowhere left to hide?

It just keeps getting better…

Meg Anne introduced us to Lina and Nord in her novella, Shade of Danger, which was featured in the fantastic fantasy anthology, The Monster Ball (check out my review here on the LitBuzz).  Hint of Danger (Undercover Magic Book 1) includes this debut story.  In it Lina is a ghost, with no recollection of her past, living out her solitary existence as the “roommate” to the occupants of a modest apartment.  That’s until she receives a magical invitation to the infamous Monster Ball, which not only transports her to a night of supernatural decadence but transforms her spectral form into a stunningly attired corporeal beauty.  A chance encounter with the Beserker and Guardian of the Brotherhood, Nord, explodes her physical senses with their intense attraction.  Nord knows instantly that Lina is the one he thought he would never find, the one his berserker will protect for all eternity, and the one he is willing to turn his back on the Brotherhood for if they can find each other after the Ball.  However, when the party ends the magic does not send her back to her ghostly reality but allows her to remain with Nord as a living, breathing being.  The whole process of existing with a body is new to Lina as are the violent and startling memories that are slowly returning, prompting them to search for her identity in her former life.  In Face of Danger, Lina’s identity as heir to the Mobius Council is discovered and her powers are restored, propelling her on a hunt for her killer.  This quest makes them enemies and targets of both the Council and the Brotherhood, forcing Lina to make a deal with a powerful Fae, Crombie.  In World of Danger, their only hope of taking on either the Council or Brotherhood lies in unraveling the Codex before Crombie calls in Lina’s part of the bargain.

I really enjoyed Meg Anne’s Lina and Nord, as well as a super interesting supporting cast.  Her characters have depth of personality as well as unique quirks and traits that make their interactions so memorable. I especially liked Lina and her experience of returning to the land of the living.  Her initial lack of memory on how to function in a physical body was both humorous, as she learned and experienced normal, everyday things. and profound, as it gave her such a sincere appreciation for every moment of life.  This carried through all the books, even as her powers were restored and grew. Her life and love are now intrinsically wrapped around the man she loves and the friends she is devoted to.  I also loved the attraction between Lina and Nord, and not just because he’s a ripped Nordic hottie, but because Meg Anne has created the perfect connection and friction that burns hotter as the series continues.

The books in Undercover Magic build the complementary plots of Lina’s past and the implications of her “resurrection” with the budding relationship between Lina and Nord in a fluid yet extremely captivating series.  Shade of Danger was one of my favorite novella’s in The Monster Ball and that story only got better as the series progressed. Each of the three books already published, book 4 Promise of Danger releases September 3, 2021, are a perfect blend of heart stopping action and heart pounding heat.  I guarantee you will be hooked and won’t want to put it down!