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The Devil in Her Bed Book Cover The Devil in Her Bed
The Devil You Know (Book 3)
Kerrigan Byrne
Victorian Historical Romance
St. Martin's Paperbacks
March 9, 2021
ebook, paperback, audiobook

The Devil in Her Bed is the third book in the stunning Devil You Know trilogy by USA Todaybestselling author Kerrigan Byrne!

He lives in secret service to the Crown―a man of duty, deception, and an undeniable attraction to a woman who threatens to tear his whole world apart.

They call him the Devil of Dorset. He stands alone, a man of undeniable power. Moving in and out of shadows, back alleys and ballrooms, he is unstoppable and one of the Crown’s most dangerous weapons. However, when he sets his sights on the undeniably beautiful Countess of Mont Claire, Francesca Cavendish, he doesn’t realize that he has met a match like no other.


Francesca is a countess by day and stalks her prey―those responsible for the death of her family―by night. What she does not expect is to be thrown into the path of the devil himself, the Earl of Devlin. She has secrets of her own and he seems determined to lay them bare. Can her heart survive finding the love of her life and losing him when all is revealed?

“Romantic, lush, and suspenseful.”―New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Enoch

“Is it possible we can love each other enough to trust?” — Kerrigan Byrne, The Devil in Her Bed

Kerrigan Byrne has me hooked with her latest release, The Devil in Her Bed. The third book in The Devil You Know series, The Devil in Her Bed is the perfect combination of romantic chemistry, and dangerous intrigue. Francesca and Chandler could give Mr. & Mrs. Smith a run for their money.

While easily read as a standalone, The Devil in Her Bed follows the third lady of the Red Rogues. Who doesn’t love a girl gang? These ladies are headstrong, smart, know exactly what they want and will stop at nothing to get it. For Francesca, her mission is to avenge her family and friends who died in the Mont Clare Massacre. Just she and the boy she pledged her love to escaped death. Her backstory is honestly one of the most tragic that I’ve ever encountered, and I’m convinced Kerrigan Byrne has made it her mission to make her readers cry within the first chapter, but with all that being said, the awe-inspiring determination that Francesca holds is something that is as commendable as it is formidable.

Chandler has been tasked to take down the Crimson Council, and Francesca is both a distraction and nuisance to him. He has just as many secrets as she does, yet he is determined to uncover hers. I adored that even though Chandler is a spy with the same mission as Francesca, the more time he spends with her the more he falls for her…especially when she shows him how adept she is at taking care of herself.  I’m trying to keep my spoilers to myself, but one of things I love about Kerrigan Byrne is how even though her male characters are always smart and the best at what they do, they become completely idiotic over the women in their lives.

If you’re already a Kerrigan Byrne fan, then I don’t have to tell you how grand the stories are that she writes, and that The Devil in Her Bed is another fantastic read of hers. If you’re new to Kerrigan Byrne, don’t fret, but don’t wait to read her any of her wonderful stories! The Devil in Her Bed is full of spicy romance, humor, intrigue, and all the feelings associated with a fabulous book!