• An Action-Packed Conclusion!
Phoenix Flame Book Cover Phoenix Flame
Havenfall (Book 2)
Sara Holland
Teen & YA LGBTQ Fantasy
Bloomsbury YA
March 4, 2021
ebook, hardcover

ew York Times bestselling author Sara Holland continues her blockbuster contemporary fantasy series, Havenfall, with this unforgettable sequel.

'Sara Holland is a fierce storyteller' STEPHANIE GARBER

After saving the inn at Havenfall from the wicked Silver Prince, Maddie thought all her problems were over. The Silver Prince has been banished, her uncle the beloved Innkeeper is slowly recovering from a mysterious coma, and there are still a few weeks of summer left to spend with her handsome more-than-just-a-friend Brekken.

But danger still looms and Maddie soon realises there's more work to be done to protect Havenfall, the safe haven between worlds that her family has run for centuries. Maddie must embark on a dangerous mission: to venture into the icy Realm of Fiordenkill and put an end to the black market trading of souls that threatens the balance of the Realms.

As Maddie tries to accomplish these seemingly impossible tasks, she stumbles upon family secrets that could change everything. What if saving everyone means destroying the only home she's ever known?

This next breathtaking fantasy from the bestselling author of Everless is perfect for fans of Melissa Albert and Holly Black.

“Havenfall might be dangerous, but I am equal to it. I am part of it. I belong here. more than anywhere else.” -Havenfall

Phoenix Flame by Sara Holland is the conclusion to the Havenfall duology that follows Maddie Morrow, the Innkeeper heir, on her journey to finding the truth about her past, and the tensions between the realms at Havenfall.

Phoenix Flame picks up just days after where Havenfall ended for readers. Maddie, her uncle, and the rest of the staff at Havenfall have begun to pick up the pieces of the shattered trust caused by the events at the end of the first book. The Silver Prince fled back to the Oasis, and sealed off the door to his realm in order to prevent any retaliation for the chaos he caused while in Havenfall.

One of the fundamental changes in adolescent growth is when the teen stops seeing their parents as just parents, and starts to see them as actual people. That particular turning point of Phoenix Flame happens when Maddie realizes that her mother’s past holds the key to stop the soul trading that has plagued the realms. It becomes clear to Maddie, as well as Marcus, that Fiordenkill is the place where she must go.  Once there, Maddie runs into the last person she thought would be there, along with one big complication. Once again Maddie is meant to make some hard choices, and yet, those around her have to pay the price.

By the end of Phoenix Flame, Maddie had reached a point in her character development that still seemed unresolved. I know that Phoenix Flame is meant to be the end of this duology, but there is still so much that feels unfinished. Even though I’m conflicted about the ending, as well as the quickness in the resolution of the book, I did enjoy the overall story. The world building is gorgeous, as well as the attention to detail. This duology is fun, and can be enjoyed by readers of any age. Congrats to Sara Holland on a gorgeous new release!