• A Truth in Ruby by Jessica Florence
A Truth in Ruby Book Cover A Truth in Ruby
Onyx Trilogy (Book 2)
Jessica Florence
Dystopian Fantasy
Independently Published
September 29, 2020
ebook, and paperback

Life was supposed to be easy after I rescued the princess from the onyx tomb. She would save the world, while I contently stood on the sidelines after completing Destiny’s task.

But Destiny wasn’t done with me. Everything I went through was for one sole purpose—to save myself.

Now, as the princess of Crysia, I must travel across the continent again to the great city of Crystoria, to find the truth of our origins. I must undo the poison King Verin has cast into our lands.

The journey will be difficult since the Dramens want war and Verin will do everything in his power to stop me. With my friends and a rage-filled mate by my side, I can face the truths and save the world.


You’ve won the battle. Now comes the war…

A Truth in Ruby by Jessica Florence is the latest release in a dystopian fantasy trilogy that continues the journey of Sapphira and her group of friends as they attempt to bring magic back to the Fae, and restore peace to a kingdom full of unrest.  

In the first book, A Secret in Onyx, Sapphira journeys to the Faerie realm only to learn that it’s been under the fist of an evil ruler for the last 20 years. Jessica Florence continues Sapphira’s tale in A Truth in Ruby, and also brings Sapphira’s friends and allies to life with narrative from their respective points of view.

Notably, it did feel a bit different as the second book in a trilogy. Instead of an action-packed plot, the narrative becomes more introspective and delves more into the feelings and headspace within each of the major characters. The how’s and why’s are explained, and each of the characters becomes more nuanced and enhanced as the band of friends navigate their latest adventure together. While in the first book, the characters all grapple with an enemy that threatens their existence. In A Truth in Ruby, while the enemy is still apparent, I think the struggle that all the characters face is really unique and timeless. The idea that all the characters attempt to reckon with the version of a past self versus their current state, especially after a huge drastic change, an event, or trauma is something that will ring true for many readers. 

Do not be disheartened, A Truth in Ruby is a story that shows growth for existing characters. It also introduces new characters, as well as plenty of twists.  The same humor and banter has been carried over from A Secret in Onyx. The end of A Truth in Ruby sets up for a monumental final book of this trilogy. While this book seemed like the calm before the storm, the upcoming book will be sure to be as action-packed as the first.  As a reader, I can tell how beloved this series is to Jessica Florence. The care that has been taken to craft a unique take on Fantasy, and Dystopian Fantasy Fiction is evident, and I cannot recommend this series enough!