Her Comeback by Lola West
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Her Comeback: A Second Chance Cowboy Romance Book Cover Her Comeback: A Second Chance Cowboy Romance
Big Sky Cowboys
Lola West
Contemporary Western Romance Fiction
October 29, 2020
ebook, paperback
93 pages

Will this rockstar and her stubborn cowboy ride out the storm?

International rockstar, Kat Bennett hasn’t set foot in Conway, Montana in ten years. Truth is, she’s got writer’s block. Her last album was crap and she’s lonely. A stroll down memory lane that reminds her she lost the love of her life isn’t going to solve her problems, but her PR team disagrees.

When Kat left him a decade ago, cowboy Billy Morgan threw himself into his work on the family ranch, and his brothers would say that he hasn’t smiled since. His existence is in a rut, strangled by routine. He works hard, cares for his family and avoids women who want to know what it was like to be Kat’s beau.

Out of nowhere Kat struts back into his life, and the residual attraction is immediate. Will these two stubborn mules continue to carry their rocky history or can they shed their load and reconnect?

In Her Comeback readers happily reunite with the entire Morgan tribe, a tight knit family of ripped and rowdy ranchers. When the Morgan’s get together, shenanigans abound. If this is your first foray into the Big Sky Boys Series … well, howdy and welcome to the family!

Please Note: This IS NOT a standalone. The first half of this couple's story is the prequel to the Big Sky Cowboy Series and it is available on the author’s website.

Where do I even begin?!

Well, first off, if you haven’t checked out the prequel and Book 1 of the Big Sky Cowboys series, do yourself a huge favor and go do it. Go ahead, I’ll wait. (and note: the prequel story is kind of a must read before you dive into Her Comeback because it sets up Billy and Kat’s backstory.)

Review for Book One, Tofu Cowboy here

Okay… everyone back and all cowboy’d up? AWESOME! Let’s dive into Her Comeback!

Lola West’s sophomore release, has me questioning why it’s taken me so long to fully get on board with the whole cowboy thing. I seriously adore these men and their little Montana town so much it hurts. The cast of characters that inhabit this world are so real and true to life they make you never want to leave.

Her Comeback centers around the eldest Morgan brother, the ever grumpy Billy, and his highschool sweetheart and the one who got away, Kat.

Ten years ago, Billy and Kat belonged together. Until they didn’t.

Kat lives the life of a rockstar. But after her last album flopped, she returns to her hometown in the hopes of reminding her fans that she is the small town girl everyone loves. The goal is to get in and get out all while avoiding running into a certain Morgan brother. The one who broke her heart. Billy has never gotten over Kat leaving, abandoning him for the rockstar life. Anyone who knows small towns, knows it’s impossible to avoid anyone for very long, so of course, Kat and Billy are forced back together. Billy, the resident grump, wants so badly to stay mad at Kat but the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes that he still loves her.

I really loved Kat and Billy’s story… though I’m just going to drop this here… you might recognize it from my Tofu Cowboy review.

These Morgan brothers and the women they fall for all need to sit down and learn a thing or two about TALKING before jumping to conclusions! But if you can resist the urge to smack Billy upside the head (please do, it’s worth it, I promise) this short and sweet story will hit all the notes Lola is starting to be known for. There is heart, there are laughs, there is steam, and my goodness there is swoony levels of love.

All in all Her Comeback is a great addition to the series, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the brothers and their stories!