• Foster by Kristie Leigh
Foster Book Cover Foster
Kristie Leigh
Contemporary Romance
September 22,2020

Dear diary,

Just messin’ with you. I don’t have time for that crap, but here’s my story.

I was finally coming clean to my best friend about how this divorced, single mom attempted to get back in the dating game...and wound up with an old flame.

Enough stalling, it was time to spill it ... ALL

Foster Montgomery was my best friend's hot younger brother. Back in high school, we used to have a thing. And by “thing,” I mean we used to mess around--behind closed doors, because apparently, that was all I was good for. Finally, many years later, I had the chance to get my revenge. If wet dreams, steamy make-out sessions on my couch, and “naked yoga” in my living room counted as revenge, then I nailed it! He was still keeping secrets, but this time, I planned to make it known exactly what he’d done behind those closed doors.

Kamryn Leigh James XOXO

Foster by Kristie Leigh

A spicy, super hilarious rom com, that had me giggling all through out.

The book starts off by Kamryn James introducing herself and her predicament. She is a divorcee and a single mom to a daughter. Kamryn is also a private detective who has recently been contacted to keep tabs on some lady’s fiancé. As Kamryn opens up the documents in the request she is taken aback to see its her high school crush Foster Montgomery. This tale only gets even more complicated as Kamryn spills more tea to us readers. Foster is her best friend’s little brother, just a couple years younger. And back in the high school days they used to hang out in different circles, but Foster and Kamryn would hook up secretly behind closed doors, and never carrying out any of the attraction to the public. 

Cue in this private investigating job. Kamryn is now actively keeping tabs on Foster, she discovers his daily schedule and sees no suspicious activity at first. Until one day on her way home, as she is about to pull into her driveway, she see Foster out at her neighbors yard with a big dump truck and a crew. This sends Kamryn into a slight shock, it was one thing to watch him from afar and be incognito about it. This time they actually met eyes as she drives past him and his crew.

As Kamryn makes her way in she feels a big shift in her current state of affairs, she knows Foster saw her, she feels him making his way to her as she walks to her door. Then she hears “Kamryn” being called from down the street and she knows this is going to be very messy and change things up.

Can Kamryn James keep professional and continue to report on Foster Montgomery without lines being blurred? Will all those years of being kept as a secret be addressed and get closure? You HAVE to pick this book up to find out for yourself!

I am giving Foster by Kristie Leigh 3.5 stars. This was super funny rom com filled with lots of spicy scenes. There were moments I felt the plot was rushed though, I had a hard time digesting how Kamryn went from hating Foster one moment, and struggling to stay professional while accepting his offer to go on dates the other. I think I needed more internal dialogue and definitely more dialogue from Foster to see where his mindset was at for the specific moments in the story.

Pushing all things aside I did enjoy this book for the most part, it was a quick read that can be done in one sit down. I found myself entertained with Kamryn, her outlook on life, marriage, men, and motherhood, romance, and relationships. She’s someone I would love to have a girls night with and have lots of laughs.

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