When the Cat's Away Book Cover When the Cat's Away
Enter Haddonwood
Rysa Walker and Caleb Amsel
Starry Night Books (August 14, 2020)

Since the beginning of time as we know it, the Councils of Seventy-Two have maintained a careful balance in our world. Dark against light. Good against evil. Order against chaos. While one side might tip the scale briefly, its counterpart has been always quick to right the balance.

Now the agent of good is trapped in the mind of Chase Rey, who spends his days playing a game that few in the "real world" can see. His allies must get him back into Haddonwood, back inside the game, in order to set her free and restore the balance. But that's going to take a miracle because hell is quite literally breaking loose around them.

If you haven’t read book one of this series, “As the Crow Flies”, please check out my review of why it’s a thrilling read. Come back here when you’re ready for book two!

When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play…

Anyone can tell you at least 20 reasons why 2020 has been a wild year. Living in America in 2020 kind of feels like living through an iteration of Haddonwood. There are strange happenings in the Haddonwood town that doesn’t seem real and can be very chaotic. I’d relate it to kids running wild because mom or dad aren’t home to stop them. Kind of like our reality right now.

The re-introduction to characters was a little bit too long for my liking; however, it would greatly benefit a new reader if they hadn’t started this series at book 1. As it was, it reminded me of the key players and their life struggles. I also appreciate the clarity to what parts of the story occur inside and outside of Haddonwood.

Scary movies bleeeeeeeed into Haddonwood

The authors place horror movie and pop culture references throughout the story. Fortunately for someone like me who hasn’t watch one since the 90’s, you don’t have to know the movies to enjoy the storyline. Honestly, this series would make a great mini series in the fall.