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A Secret in Onyx Book Cover A Secret in Onyx
Onyx Trilogy Series (Book 1)
Jessica Florence
Dystpian Fiction
Independently Published
June 8, 2020
ebook, paperback

"A high fantasy ride that will have readers on the edge of their seats cheering for the underdogs! Don't miss this Fae fantasy read, this one will have your heart racing, and left screaming for more." Amelia Hutchins, #1 International bestselling author of the Fae Chronicles and Nine Realms

"If you love Sarah J Maas, or fae fantasy worlds in general, you NEED to read this book!" ~ SincerelyABibliophile

EVERYTHING I knew died when the end of the world came. People dropped dead, and electricity vanished. Those who remained alive were never the same again.

While on the run with my boyfriend Tor across the desolate continent, the worst humanity had left attacked. Torn from the one I love, I boldly raced for help at the last human safe zone.

Only it’s not humans I found, but the Fae.

Now I have one month to rescue my boyfriend and release a savior princess from an onyx tomb or lose them both forever. A seemingly impossible task when Rune, a cursed, pain in the ass Fae warrior is assigned to train me. He's hellbent on freeing his beloved princess and I’m desperate to save Tor. But no matter how hard we snarl during training; we can’t stay away from each other.

I thought the worst thing that could happen to me was the apocalypse.

I was wrong.

“All the best people are mad. It’s what sets us apart from the crowd.” –A Secret in Onyx

A Secret in Onyx by Jessica Florence is a must-read for all fans of dystopian fantasy, fairy tales, and adventure stories alike. Jessica Florence is a new to me author, but once I read A Secret in Onyx, I quickly moved on to her other books, and she proves  to be an author that guarantees a quick-paced and well-written story. After reading A Secret in Onyx, I find myself anxious for the next two books in the series.

A Secret in Onyx beings with Sapphira and her boyfriend Tor on the run in the human world. When things go haywire for them, and the Dramen descend, Tor sends Sapphira on her own to seek out the Fae world in order to get help. Sapphira finds the Fae world, but is put under the protection of Tor’s brother Rune who is definitely not as friendly as Sapphira would have thought. Rune determines that before she can go back out to rescue Tor (who is now undoubtedly prisoner of the Dramen forces) Sapphira must train for one month in order to be strong enough to ensure a successful rescue. During her training Sapphira uncovers that there is more to Rune, more to the Fae kingdom and more to her than she realizes. In order to rescue Tor, Sapphira must also rescue the sleeping princess encased in a tomb of onyx. This proves to be no easy feat, as the kingdom she has sought refuge in has become the target of a king hell-bent on total control, and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

A Secret in Onyx was recommended as a good book to try if you’re a fan of Fae books as well as fast-paced fantasy stories that will keep you on your toes. A Secret in Onyx is a fairytale that is wrapped up in a story of self-discovery, of hidden truths and accepted secrets, and finding friends in unlikely places. I loved the storytelling, and give huge kudos to Jessica Florence for writing a book that kept me guessing. Book Two—A Truth in Ruby— in the trilogy will be released later this month, and I guarantee that you will not want to miss this entire series!

A Secret in Onyx is available now and in Kindle Unlimited. Go read this one now!