• Love Gives You Wings
Sparks Book Cover Sparks
Wendy Higgins
Contemporary Romance
August 25, 2020
Kindle E-book

At twenty-four, Harlow Robinson has run headfirst into a quarter-life crisis. Her high school girlfriends have dropped like flies, one wedding after another, forcing her into panic mode. It’s fight or flight time, and flight wins—literally. She breaks off a loveless engagement with her childhood sweetheart and abandons a teaching degree to become a flight attendant for Omega Skies.
Now Harlow is living her best glamorous, single life as a self-proclaimed sky muffin, at least that’s how it appears from the outside. But 3:00AM wakeup calls and nights alone in hotels make the days blend into a blur of loneliness. When her seven roommates sign her up for the dating app Sparks, Harlow finds herself navigating an entirely new lifestyle with more men than she can handle.
What’s a girl to do? Date them all, of course.

Buckle Your Seat Belts for this Bumpy Love Story!

I have loved every book that I’ve ever read by Wendy Higgins, and Sparks is no exception! This book is a fun, read-it-in-one-sitting RomCom, that is a welcome relief from all the bad news shared on Twitter and other news apps. And the spicy intimacy is a nice distraction too! Even as someone who has never experienced the world of online dating, Harlow’s trials and tribulations of figuring out how to flirt, See the source imagewhat to do with dick pics, and how to weed out the scary weirdos from the nice guys had me rolling with laughter, and I would imagine that anyone who has actually used a Sparks-like app would have even more of an appreciation for the hilarity.

As always, Wendy Higgins provides well nuanced characters, plot twists, and wholesome resolution of the love woes experienced by her main characters. The storyline was fast paced, and really did have me sitting in one spot to devour the entire book all at once. As Harlow ends up caught between two men, it was unclear who to root for until the end, when the right choice became obvious. It really is a bumpy romantic ride for the poor heroine, that had me groaning in sympathy and wanting to literally face-palm a few times at Harlow’s antics and bad decisions.

Sparks also has some valuable life lessons and musings thrown in amongst the laughs and breathless intimate moments, to make it a truly well rounded story. Harlow spends most of the book figuring out how to love herself, and to see herself as separate from just being a partner to a man. She discovers her own passions, in more ways than one, and finally, finds contentment after more than a year of feeling restless and unsettled. As I have recently had some personal upheavals in my life, I found her evolution to be cathartic, which is not necessarily something you would expect from a chick-lit type read.

See the source image“I soaked it in, savoring the contentment, and filing it away in my heart to remind myself in future hard times that they would pass and sunshine would reign again.”

–Harlow Robinson, Sparks

This is an uncommonly short review for me, because honestly, there are no draw backs to this book. Pre-order a copy now, then set aside a few hours to read it…I promise you won’t regret it!