• Roaring by Lindsey Duga
Roaring Book Cover Roaring
Lyndsey Duga
Teen, Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction
Entangled Teen
August 3, 2020
Kindle, Paperback

Colt Clemmons is an agent in a specialized division within the Bureau of Investigation—one that hunts down not just mobsters, but also monsters.

For reasons that are kept top secret, Colt is the only person who can resist a siren's voice. But he's never had a chance to test this ability. The last siren left in the world mysteriously disappeared years ago.

Then one night, with a single word, she reveals herself. It seems too good to be true.

And it is. Because nothing about this siren—her past, her powers, or her purpose—is what it seems...

A fascinating and fast-paced story…

Roaring by Lindsey Duga is a high tension story of intrigue and unexpected romance set in the underground world of prohibition speakeasies and the mob ruled cities of America.  Not only does the government’s Bureau of Investigation hunt down the criminal element that controls much of the illegal activities at this time but the actual monsters that the mob has, in many cases, created and then enlisted to their side.  Since monsters are better fought with monsters the Bureau has their own division of specialty agents.  Colt, who may be the only one immune to a siren’s voice, is one of those agents and the one assigned to find and bring in the lost siren. Eris has known she was different since she was little, the two people in her life she trusts have had to wisk her away to keep her safe.  All she has ever wanted was to lead a quiet, rural life but instead she is the canary in a speakeasy, always ready to run when her “creator” threatens to catch up to her. Everything, what they have believed about themselves and thought about monsters, changes when Colt and Eris meet and they come to realize that being good or evil is more about what is in your heart than what you are on the outside.

Lindsey Duga has created a detailed and authentic world as the setting for Roaring, even including a glossary of words and phrases commonly used during the prohibition days of the 1920s.  Colt and Eris are fascinating characters, whose personality and values are slowly revealed and pieced together for the reader as the story progresses.  In the same way, their relationship develops through the course of events that have them questioning not only the things they have been led to believe but the course they thought their lives would take.  They finally realize that they are better people individually when they have someone who sees them completely, both good and bad.  It’s this knowledge that gives them the strength and motivation to fight and defeat the evil forces seeking to destroy them. 

Roaring is a unique story with captivating characters; a quick, easy read that is action-packed, full of tension and suspense, and enjoyable for teens and adults alike.