• Beyond the Sea: A Modern Gothic
Beyond the Sea: A Modern Gothic Romance Book Cover Beyond the Sea: A Modern Gothic Romance
L.H. Cosway
Gothic Romance, Contemporary Romance
L.H. Cosway
June 6, 2020
ebook and paperback

On a lonely cliff beside the vast blue sea there is a house.

In the house there lives a girl, and in the girl there lives a dream.

Soon she'll be as free as the fishes that swim beneath the water. But until then she bides her time and lives quietly, her every move ruled over by an uncaring, heartless stepmother.

The hope for freedom is all she has to hold onto. So close she can almost taste it. But when her stepmother’s estranged younger brother comes to stay, he presents a mystery that lures her in.

The girl doesn’t understand that beneath the allure of the unknown sometimes all we find are horrors. And in searching for the truth, her heart is in danger of falling like a rock to the bottom of the deep dark sea.

Beyond the Sea is a standalone Gothic Romance set in modern times.

“There is something at work in my soul, which I do not understand.” -Mary Shelley

L.H. Cosway has brought fans a fresh, modern take on the classic gothic tale for her latest release: Beyond the Sea. For those not in the know, a gothic novel combines fiction with horror, death and in this case, a hefty dose of romance. Beyond the Sea is so addicting that I believe this will be the next big romance trend, as I know I’m not the only reader out there who wants more of this!

Beyond the Sea, from the very beginning, has this sense of “all is not as it seems” storyline. In a way that harkens back to the Cinderella-esque fairy tale, main character Estela’s father has died which has left her in the care of her stepmother, Vee. Vee has a plethora of issues which she seems to take out on Estella as well as her mother who also lives with them due to being in poor health after a stroke. All of this, combined with living in Vee’s gigantic dilapidated home on the  Irish coast, makes Estella itch for the day where she can be done with school and free from Vee’s terror.

Those plans of hers change when Vee’s brother, Noah, roles into town and flips Estella’s world on end. Not only does Noah give off the bad boy vibe (complete with a motorcycle) but he also seems to have an agenda for being in town. The arrival of Noah begins a series of events that start with Noah showing a softer side of himself to Estella, but also visions and dreams that were always mild in occurrence for Estella, has started to pick up in intensity. Seeing Estella’s life at school and at home mix together with Vee and Noah’s past is the part about this book that makes it completely bingeworthy. Everything is so interconnected, that once it starts to unravel it all goes downhill quickly, so much so, that it will leave you turning the page with ferocity until the very end.

Complete with a heart-wrenching twist, Beyond the Sea is a story that hits all the right notes: mystery, ghosts, and a very satisfying happily ever after. Available now in Kindle Unlimited, for purchase as well and also in paperback! Get ready to fall for this Modern Gothic!