• Upsy Daisy by Chelsie Edwards
Upsy Daisy Book Cover Upsy Daisy
Higher Learning Series (Book 1)
Chelsie Edwards
Contemporary Romance, New Adult College Romance
Smartypants Romance
May 05, 2020
ebook and paperback

"College, cookies, capers, Oh my!
Daisy Payton has everything.
Exceptional grades.
Impeccable clothes.
Model family.

But perfection comes at a high cost, and Daisy is wilting. Determined to use college as her chance to bloom anew, she’s focused on only one thing, leaving the Payton name behind and forging her own path—even if she has to tell the teeniest of fibs to do it.

Trevor Boone has nothing.
Abandoned as a child.
Raised by distant relatives.
Constantly reminded he’s a burden.

Trevor’s lived at the edges of opulence for years, having all he’s ever desired dangled just out of reach. But his ambition is finally about to pay off and nothing will distract him from his goal—finishing college top of his class and starting life, on his own terms.

When Daisy and Trevor meet it’s clear from the start that they’ll tempt each other to distraction, can they learn to put their ambitions aside and fall or will they lose it all?

'Upsy Daisy' is a full-length romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #1 in the Higher Learning series, Green Valley World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

A Perfect Summer Read!

Upsy Daisy by Chelsie Edwards is the feel-good coming of age book that is both full of emotions, and fun. As a debut novel, Upsy Daisy is well thought out, and shows a depth of knowledge as well as a love of the characters that translates to a really heartwarming book start to finish.

Chelsie Edwards has thrown a twist in the Smartypants Romance lineup of books. She’s gone retro, and focuses on Green Valley’s favorite power couple: Trevor Boone and Daisy Payton. I really want to call this a historical romance, but are the 1970’s even considered “historical”? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to get in trouble. Upsy Daisy is a throwback college romance, but with more slow-burn and less bed hopping…although the epilogue was a smoldering delight.

Getting to know Daisy as she starts college is F-U-N…with all caps. Between the fashion, the hope and eagerness that Daisy has to not only make a good impression but to make a name for herself here, and all the sass that Daisy showcases with James and Odie, I found myself reading this with a smile on my face. With all the fun, comes some serious emotion. Chelsie Edwards does not shy away from it. You all remember college. You all remember the drama of that age. Well, everyone at Fisk has their own, but it is written with a really critical eye so that it doesn’t take away from the overall plot. I really enjoyed getting to know all the characters in the snippets and conversations told from Trevor and Daisy’s perspective while the two of them navigate their feelings along with the consequences of their choices throughout the book.

Chelsie Edwards has rightfully earned herself an eager new reader with her release of Upsy Daisy! If you need a fix for your sweet tooth, or perhaps an escape of our present time craziness then look no further for your next read. This stand-alone, appropriate for teens and young at hearts alike, will be your next summer read!