Dark Leopards MC: Tall Dark & Dangerous Book Cover Dark Leopards MC: Tall Dark & Dangerous
Short Story Anthology
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April 7, 2020

32 Authors have come together to give you an Anthology like never before!

From all walks of life, they came together. Shifters who liked living a bit on the wild side, riding their bikes, and taking care of business.

Eight chapters of the biggest, baddest cats spanning two states - Texas and Michigan - and the mates who love them.

But that love won't come without a cost because there's always a price to pay when you live on the wrong side of the law as a 1% MC...human trafficking, gun running, pelt thieves....can the Dark Leopard MC handle the threats to their very existences?

Authors include: Kayce Kyle, Samantha McCoy, Ember Phoenix, C.G. Lee, W.M. Dawson, Annelise Reynolds, R.R. Born, C.J. Pinard, Morgan Jane Mitchell, Misha Elliott, Dawn Sullivan, Samantha Conley, Screaming Mimi, Lynn Burke, Liberty Parker, L. Firminger, Grace Brennan, Eden Rose, Evan Grace, JA Lafrance, Jessica Joy, Lethe Gene, Chelle C. Craze, Jaime Russell, S.E. Isaac, Josette Reuel, Michelle Savage, Xana Jordan, Maria Vickers, Christine Michelle, Mandi Konesni & Darlene Tallman.

Family Forever

Anyone who has ever fallen headfirst into an MC or shifter series knows that you are about to meet a huge cast of characters that you are about to fall in love with. And you also know the agony of having to wait as their stories release one by one. My friends.. let me introduce you to the Dark Leopards MC Anthology. The beauty of this collaboration is that there is no wait, you get to meet the characters you come to crave immediately. 

This anthology is broken up into regions and then each author has contributed a story surrounding one of the brothers in that region’s MC chapter.   This was a genius way to organize an anthology as big as this one that includes dozens of authors.. Have I mentioned that this book is HUGE?! 


The truth is there were some regions I enjoyed more than others, and even some stories within each region that weren’t my particular taste but the beauty of this setup is that if you find a story you don’t like, you are only a few chapters away from a new author who has a style that is all their own. 

When you think about the family aspect of both shifter and MC series it only make sense to combine them. Throughout the book we are treated to all the elements we love about a shifter and MC series to include the over-protective alpha-ness from both our male AND female leopards. 


It would be remiss of me to point out that there were some editing mistakes that pulled me from some of the stories which is why I am giving this anthology 4 out of 5 stars. But with saying that, the the sheer number of authors you get to test drive makes this anthology a no-brainer.