• Caught Inside by Kristie Leigh
Caught Inside Book Cover Caught Inside
Kristie Leigh
New Adult, Contemporary Romance
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
May 4, 2020
Kindle, Paperback

One California girl.
One Canadian boy.
One week.
No strings.

Two years later and he’s back.
Nothing much had changed.
Except this time, he was here to stay.

An epic, peeling love story…

Caught Inside by Kristie Leigh is a New Adult, California surfer, contemporary romance.  Tanner is on a spring break trip to Northern California to escape the Canadian winter when pink haired Easton catches his eye during a charity fashion show at the local bar.  The interest is mutually returned by nineteen year old Easton, who has hooked up with a number of guys but has never (and she would emphasize NEVER) dated a single one. Her father’s death and mother’s emotional distancing because of his loss, has conditioned Easton to shield herself from heartbreak.  She only gives her heart and soul to one thing, the ocean; she lives and works to surf. Then Tanner happens into her life and she takes the biggest drop of her life.  While they both acknowledge that their time together is limited, it quickly becomes apparent that the connection they have is special; something that won’t be satisfied with just one week together.  While this realization motivates Tanner it confuses and scares the hell out of Easton .  

I didn’t understood at first how the title, Caught Inside, fit with the book. Well, for you non-surfing dudes it means ” being caught between the shoreline and the breaking waves”, a bitchin’ analogy for where Easton found herself when she met Tanner.

I’ll admit when I read the teaser for Caught Inside,  “One California girl. One Canadian boy. One week. No strings…” I was actually expecting a canned romance with generic characters.  I was pleasantly surprised that this was anything but the case.  Tanner and Easton are interesting and unique characters with a connection that is palpable as their relationship develops.  Their interactions with the other characters in the book, especially Easton’s roommates, has a realistic feel and adds depth to both the plot and the main characters.  I was very happy with how the story unfolded, especially how they worked through the issues they faced.  Kristie wraps passion and emotion, laughter and happiness, tears and confusion into one simple story – surfer girl from California meets good looking guy from Canada –  that is really a great read!