• The Treble With Men by Piper Sheldon
The Treble With Men Book Cover The Treble With Men
Scorned Women Society Series (Book 2)
Piper Sheldon
Contemporary Romance
Smartypants Romance
April 7, 2020
ebook and paperback

As far as Green Valley is concerned, Kim Dae disappeared into the Wraiths a decade ago. They were sort of right. Kim has spent her life since Jethro fighting her curious nature and trying to blend into the background. Unfortunately for her, a mysterious Maestro comes to town and takes quick notice of her for reasons unknown to anybody.

The masked conductor, known simply as Devlin, was already a source of much gossip thanks to his reputation for getting fired. Now, his sudden interest in the quiet fourth chair cellist has added fuel to the
rumor fire. The new conductor of the symphony needs to learn to control his temper and finish his latest musical masterpiece and only the reluctant star of his symphony can help him do that. If Devlin can't
convince Kim to help to finish his latest composition he'll lose everything.

Can Devlin and Kim compose without losing composure?

The Treble With Men is book #2 in the Scorned Women Society series. It is a full-length romantic comedy novel, and can be read as a standalone.

“Floating, falling, sweet intoxication. Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation. Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in to the power of the music of the night.”
― The Phantom of the Opera (Musical lyrics)

The Treble With Men by Piper Sheldon is the retelling of The Phantom of the Opera that all of us lovestruck fans need, and damn well deserve. Not only does The Treble With Men deliver on all the delicious angst that the beloved musical by-way-of book is known for, but Piper Sheldon also amps up the emotions so that this story practically pulsates off the Maestro’s pedestal.

Kim Dae is a Green Valley native, and a cello player with the SOOK (Symphony Orchestra of Knoxville). She is ridiculously talented, but also charmingly endearing as a character because she is hopelessly stuck between wanting to be true to herself as well as maintain an image of the pristine cellist Christine Day. While her girlfriends of the SWS (Scorned Women Society) all encourage her to not hide her true self, Kim’s choices become harder when two men of her past come barging into her life, both equally determined to get their way.

Kim’s mysterious Maestro, goes by the name of Devlin these days. He also sports a handkerchief mask that leaves his true identity unknown leaving him cool and aloof while trying to maintain order in a clearly rebellious orchestra. On his last chance to prove that his temper is under control, Devlin recruits Kim to work with him on his showpiece. Unbeknownst to her, she’s his muse, his inspiration, and ultimately the woman that brings him to his knees.

I LOVE this book! Between all the musical references, and the beautiful insight into the spectrum of human emotion and thought process, The Treble With Men is a beautiful second book in the Scorned Women Society series. Piper Sheldon is a phenomenal storyteller, and her love and understanding of music and musicals is the string that ties the plot together beautifully. I loved how both Kim and Devlin need to confront the demons of their past, in order to live peacefully in the future.

The latest in the Spring Launch of Smartypants Romance, The Treble With Men is available on all platforms before moving onto Kindle Unlimited. Go get your copy! You will absolutely not regret it!