The Right Wish Book Cover The Right Wish
Once Upon a Rock Star
Michelle Mankin
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26 March 2020

A modern-day retelling of Snow White by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin.
Once upon a time with a beautiful hooker who used to be a princess, and a handsome manager for rock stars who is more than he seems.

She's kind and fanciful. He's bossy and straightforward. She has nothing and feels like her life has no value. He has a reliable well-paying job that keeps his bank account full, yet his yearning heart is empty.
Both have hidden their true selves away.
But if your secret self is hidden, how can the right person ever find and fall in love with the real you?
Two lost and lonely souls arrange to meet at a pay-by-the-hour motel.
Is it happenstance, fate, or a wish come true when his carefully crafted reality and her make-believe one collide?

The Right Wish by New York Times bestselling author Michelle Mankin is a modern-day retelling of Snow White.
Dress up.
What once was lost is found.
Hope in the most unlikely of places.
Kindness over evil.

Do you believe? In fairytales? In happily ever after? In love?

He was Home for me

So I found Michelle Mankin during a take-over in a fb group and after a brief interaction involving twirly dresses it was done and decided that her newest release The Right Wish had to be mine. And when I say that I have found a new one-click author y’all… it is such a good feeling to know that you’ve found an author whose backlist you plan to demolish. 

The Right Wish is the second installment in the Once Upon a Rockstar series and to get the full experience it is highly recommended that you read The Right Man before diving in as this is picks up where it leaves off. 

Our main lady Cam is a fallen princess(figuratively) who has had to result to the world’s oldest profession to keep her head above water. After dealing with a severe trauma she is saved from the streets and must now find her way with the help of her friend Jewel (see The Right Man for her story), her rock star beau and his all-business manager Brad. 

Both Cam and Brad are creative souls who, through many life detours are unable to share their art with the world. Their relationship begins as a careful dance to care for one another without breaching the friend zone and ends with the happily ever after every woman deserves. Brad’s constant care and encouragement of Cam  is the sweet strength that allows her to rescue herself and bring her Prince Charming with her. 

Michelle Mankin’s “Once upon a Rockstar” series is an amazing fairy-tale retelling with a dash of Pretty Woman flare. Her heroines are sassy sweethearts and her Heroes are strong romantics and combined they make fireworks! If this is what we can look forward to then count me in for any future releases!