• Semi-Psychic Life: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Glimmer Lake Book 2) by Elizabeth Hunter
Semi-Psychic Life (Glimmer Lake Book 2) by Elizabeth Hunter Book Cover Semi-Psychic Life (Glimmer Lake Book 2) by Elizabeth Hunter
Glimmer Lake
Elizabeth Hunter
Suspense, Thriller, Women's Lit
Recurve Press, LLC
April 21, 2020

Who says you can’t live the rock and roll life after forty?
You just need a lot more vitamins and a bigger bottle of aspirin.

Valerie Costa was pretty sure she was rocking her forties. She had an amazing coffee shop, two cool teenagers, and a new superpower that gave her insight into any random object she touched.

Okay, she wasn’t thrilled about that last one.

Ever since Val and her two best friends had driven their car off the edge and into Glimmer Lake the year before, Val has struggled with her new abilities. She’s not exactly sure she wants to be psychic, she could live without her newfound glove addiction, and honestly no one wants to know that much about their teenage sons.

But when Val’s ex-husband goes missing, and police show up at her door with questions she can’t answer, Val, Robin, and Monica are going to have to use their sudden psychic abilities to solve a mystery none of them saw coming.

It’s all in the touch…  

Elizabeth Hunter’s second book of her Glimmer Lake series, Semi-Psychic Life, is a story of three middle aged friends; Robin, Valerie, and Monica, who suddenly have psychic powers after a joint near death experience near their home in the California mountains.   Book two follows Val, whose supernatural gift, or as she most often believes it to be a curse, involves getting vivid mental images of events from touching personal items.  While Semi-Psychic Life can be read as a stand alone, you will miss a lot of backstory and groundwork by not reading book 1, Suddenly Psychic, first.  When Val’s  irresponsible ex-husband unexpectedly and surrounded by mysterious circumstances disappears she finds herself thrown into a search while trying holding down her life of running a small coffee shop and raising two teenage boys.  Luckily, she is not without help as her two best friends are more than willing to use their psychic gifts.  The search is helped when the very good looking and very available local Sheriff, Sully, who has quietly pursued Val for years, adds his support.  The unraveling of this mystery might just bring Val more than the discovery of her Ex.

People and relationships are the gem in every Elizabeth Hunter book and the Semi-Psychic Life is no exception.  Valeria is the “cool” mom that is unconventional in her appearance but deeply devoted to raising her two boys with structure and totally focused on having a successful business for her customers and employees.  Typical of many women who are trying to juggle a number of things in their lives, Val has little time for herself.  Elizabeth does a stellar job of authentically portraying the inner struggle this entails as well as the support, humor, and encouragement that best friends bring to a person’s life.  The mutual attraction between Val and Sully and the development of their relationship provides a great compliment to an already fascinating story of mystery and intrigue.

Semi-Psychic Life, is a wonderful story of romance woven through a fascinating thriller that will continue to surprise you with twists and turns that keep you turning the page.  While it is expected there will be a third book with Monica as the lead, the story neatly wraps up in a very satisfying way.