• Out Cold by Misty Provencher
Out Cold Book Cover Out Cold
Vampires of New Baltimore
Misty Provencher
Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance
Corner Stone Publishing LLC
February 6, 2020
ebook, paperback

Book One in The Vampire of New Baltimore Series.
Nova Ford’s traumatic brain injury erased the tragedy of her parent’s death, but the injury also wiped out all her other memories. Even her short term memory remains sketchy. When Nova finds herself standing outside her small town’s museum, learning about a tragic wedding that happened a hundred years ago, it’s no shock that she can’t remember how she got there, or why she came. What she does know is that she can’t forget the captivating urban legend the museum curator tells her. The legend suggests the century-old groom returns each year to toast the gown of his deceased bride, hoping to summon the spirit of his true love. Nova believes the story is a pile of crap, meant to sell tickets to the exhibit.However, unable to stop thinking about it, Nova soon discovers that the gown is shrouded in far worse mystery than the urban legend ever expressed. Lured by a promising link to her forgotten past, Nova will do almost anything to regain her memories, even when it involves murder, lies, and the risk of forgetting herself completely.

“I pick up the glass and toss the whiskey across the table at his face. What a stupid thing to do…especially to a vampire.”-Out Cold

Out Cold by Misty Provencher is simply spellbinding. Known for her breathtaking world-building skills, Misty Provencher’s Out Cold is the twist on a romantic vampire tale the book world needs for a bit of escapism.

I love a good mystery. What is more mysterious than our main character, Nova Ford (who has a TBI), learning of a murder mystery right within her town of New Baltimore? What makes this mystery even more intriguing is that the local museum is in possession of artifacts from the murder and just so happens to have planned a huge event centering on the deadly wedding. After learning about the groom, Isaac, she cannot let go of the feeling that she needs to learn more about him. Imagine her surprise when that feeling turns into something more, and leads her to uncover more than just the real reason behind the murder at the wedding, but the truth about Isaac himself…in the flesh.

There’s no glitter here! The vampires in Out Cold don’t need the sparkle in order to be utterly alluring, yet completely sinister. Out Cold is one of those stories that will leave you guessing about what you actually know. This one constantly kept me guessing, which is for sure the sign of a great story. I spent a few too many nights staying up later than I should have in order to gobble up this book.  In fact, some of my favorite characters aren’t actually introduced until near the end!

Out Cold is the first book in the Vampires of New Baltimore series. Though it doesn’t end on an abrupt cliffhanger, it does end in a place that will leave you desperate for more! As a fan of Misty’s work, leaving fans “desperate for more” seems to be her hallmark.

Available on Kindle Unlimited  and paperback, go pick up your copy of Out Cold today!