Spartan Book Cover Spartan
Forsaken Sons MC
Jessica Joy
22 February, 2020

essa only ever wanted her happily ever after. The husband, the 2.5 kids, and the white picket fence. That's what everyone is supposed to want, right? That was until her dream turned into a nightmare that left her with no choice but to take her newborn son and disappear.

Sawyer wanted to run. Slowing down meant everything could catch up. The past he wanted to forget, the demons he was fighting so hard to leave behind. But when he needs a change, the last thing he expects is to get knocked down by the single mother across the street.

As the past catches up with both of them, it forces them to face their demons and the devil himself to outlast, overcome, and maybe find the forever they never dreamed they could have.

When life gets complicated… Ride

Y’all… When I saw Spartan by Jessica Joy hit my kindle I lost my MIND! Ever since I found out that fellow Bee Jessica was releasing a book AND it was An M.C.(Motorcycle Club) I have been squeeling with excitement! There was no doubt in my mind that she would deliver an amazing story but I was 100% not prepared for what we got in the best possible way. 

Our main man Sawyer is battling some demons. It is painfully obvious that he has some past trauma that has left him ready to take his frustrations out on whoever has the closest face. His brothers do what they can to bring him back from the darkness that consumes him like clockwork every year, but without a higher purpose he is drowning. 


Tessa is a single mom on the run. After enduring a violent trauma she is determined to find a better life for her son. Her journey leads her to find her saviors in the forsaken sons. Though these men seem like exactly the wrong kind of people for a vulnerable woman to turn to, they are able to help her find a safe home. One of the forsaken sons in particular finds himself rather taken with Tessa and through their connection they are able to find security and comfort. When the unthinkable happens they must rely on each other before the demons of their past threaten to keep them from their happy ever after. 

What makes MC books such a popular genre is that the ultimate “bad boy” would destroy the world for fun, but has a sweet spot for his woman and would do anything for her. In Spartan we are able to see Sawyer who is a broken man grow into the rock Tessa needs to rebuild her future. The progression in their relationship from the uncertainty in the beginning to becoming friends to indescribable chemistry and finally to a partnership that could change the world is true story-telling. The readers are able to feel their connection grow stronger as they deal with challenge after challenge. In the end they are able to see that together they make each other stronger and ready to face whatever the future has in store for them. 

When an author debuts their first novel there is always the nervous anticipation on how it will be received. Needless to say Jessica Joy has NOTHING to be worried about. She nailed this debut and has paved the way for a long, successful career. I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us with the rest of the Forsaken Sons! Congrats Jessica Joy on an amazing debut!