Queen of Ruin continues the fierce story of two sisters from Grace and Fury.

If you haven’t read Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart, stop reading this review and go find it at your library or book seller of choice. Right now!

For those of you still here, Queen of Ruin features two sisters who were meek and obedient, before circumstances turned them into warriors. For one of them it’s literal, for the other it’s figurative.

Nicknamed “Grace” when she first arrived at the women’s prison known as Mount Ruin, Serena didn’t just survive, she conquered. Using her skills from her former life in addition to those she learned in battle, Serena finds herself leading the women of Mount Ruin through their quest to escape the prison island.

From a young age, Nomi has wanted to be free of the laws oppressing women. The ability to read is one of many punishable crimes designed to subjugate women. Feeling responsible for their circumstances, Nomi is desperate to make all the right decisions in the plan to overthrow Bellaqua’s regime.

Beauty, Battle, Love, and Blood.

Serena was raised to be beautiful and to submit. Nomi raised simply tend to her beautiful sister’s needs. In spite of these low expectations, they manage to have a strong bond. Each of them desperate to give the other sister a better life. Freed from the theoretical chains binding them. In Queen of Ruin, each of them make tremendous sacrifice for each other, and all women of Bellaqua.