• The Keeper's Legacy: A Chosen Novel by Meg Anne
The Keeper's Legacy Book Cover The Keeper's Legacy
The Keepers
Meg Anne
New Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Words that Sparkls
May 22, 2019
Kindle, Paperback

A legacy forged in blood and shrouded in nightmares. With everyone she’s ever loved dead, Effie’s fate is no longer one of her choosing. Overnight, she becomes the newest initiate of the Keepers of Prophecy, a secret order that Sees what the future holds.War looms for the land of Elysia, unless Effie can prevent it by harnessing her visions and interpreting their meaning. Yet as what she Sees becomes far more dark and sinister, she finds herself no closer to deciphering it. Forced to rely on her tutor and Guardian, her inner turmoil deepens when feelings within herself—those she thought died with the man she loved—resurface. One would give up everything to be with her. The other challenges her at every turn. Struggling to focus amidst her awakening desires, Effie fights to unravel the truth buried within her nightmares. Will she discover it in time to be the salvation Elysia needs... or will one wrong reading damn them all? Equal parts dark fantasy and forbidden romance, The Keeper’s Legacy by Meg Anne is chock full of delicious dark angst! The Keeper’s Legacy is the first book in an adult fantasy romance trilogy set within the Chosen universe. Readers do not need to read the Chosen series first, although events and characters from the books will be referenced.

To start or not start with a spin-off, that is the question… 

The Keeper’s Legacy: A Chosen Novel by Meg Anne is book 1 in a new series The Keepers and a spin-off of The Chosen series. While growing up, Effie constantly suffered from the disdain and bullying of those who believed she was inferior because she was not gifted with magic by The Mother.  As a result, she viewed herself as a mouse that survived by hiding in the shadows.  Unbeknownst to them or her was the fact that she was to be gifted with a special Sight, one that could change the course of the prophesied war against the un-dead.  Her gift’s appearance, at a time when she looses the love of her life and her beloved grandmother, not only profoundly changes her but alters her course when the Triumvirate accept her into the Keepers of Prophecy.  It is here that she must attempt to manage and understand the physically violent prophetic visions that overtake her and not be distracted by the confusing triangle she comes to find herself in with her tutor and Guardian, all before The Shadows overtake them.

The description for this adult fantasy romance trilogy includes the tag that while The Keepers series is set in the Chosen universe with characters and events referenced you do not have to read The Chosen series before starting The Keepers. After reading book 1 I tend to disagree and wonder if having this background understanding would have changed my opinion of Effie, the main character, and alter my   review.

I did find and read The Dreamer: A Keeper’s Story (The Keepers Book 0) before starting book 1 and it was integral in understanding the relationship between Effie and Kieran.  My understanding of Effie had to come from the flashbacks and thoughts of Effie as the story progressed.  Effie is supposed to have been a shunned and abused child because of her lack of magic gifts.  As a result she is presented as an insecure and cautious adult yet a number of rash or bold decisions happen so suddenly that it has an almost bi-polar feel, instead of a growth and development of character that I believe Meg was going for.  It definitely disrupted my engagement with the story. I think had I read The Chosen first I would have established a better understanding of Effie starting off, because I found myself more comfortable around her as The Keeper’s Legacy progressed and it seemed that her erratic behavior was spurred by her new environment and the ghosts of her past.

Meg has an easy to read and fast-paced style of story-telling.  Her characters have depth and personality and she likes to throw in a few unexpected twists and turns along the way to keep you wondering where the story will lead.  I will definitely be reading the next two books in the series: The Keeper’s Retribution and The Keeper’s Vow, since they are both released, as well as going back and reading The Chosen.  I recommend you grab both series if you are interested in The Keepers and immerse yourself in some adult fantasy romance.