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K. Webster
Fantasy Romance
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October 29th, 2019

Let the Storm Rage On

I’m going to make you want to buy Cold Queen by K. Webster with 7 words.. ready? “Elsa as a Game of Thrones character.” Do I honestly need to say any more? The fact that you have not abruptly stopped reading this review to dive into the book is a tad upsetting but I will appease your curiosity. 

Our Queen Elzira inherited her kingdom at a young age and quickly made a name for herself, that being “The Punisher.” Her reputation serves her well as she protects her people from the damned, those who are shells of the people they once were, surviving on instincts to destroy those they encounter. The role she values more than ruler of her people however, is guardian of her younger sister Yanna.


King Ryke Bloodsun has come to the Cold Queen’s land to negotiate a marriage that would unite their kingdoms. But he hasn’t come for the Queen, his proposition for her sister awakens a rage that threatens to unleash her powers that had long been forgotten. Because her Highness is dying. Her weakness shows on her blue lips and frail body. Her
ability to protect her people and even more important, her sister, hangs on the people’s memory of her lost powers as she struggles to use her remaining strength to stand strong against the ruthless king who has journeyed to her lands. 

As King Bloodsun realizes that The Punisher he was expecting to encounter is losing a battle against her own body he
takes it upon himself to help her remember the power she has within
herself. As they grow closer it is obvious that the Queen’s entire life is not what she believed, and some startling realizations help her to unleash the beast she had within. 

As I finished the second installment in the Sinister Fairy Tale Collection I can honestly say this series is going HARD! Taking a character like Elsa who I have watched a thousand times and reimagining her into a badass who could battle the Mother of Dragons is what this series is all about. These are the Fairy Tales that grown ups would watch once the kids go to bed. K. Webster nailed this adaption and I think you will be joining me in those who will hope and pray that this turns into a series in its own right! 5 Icy stars!