• Devastated by R.L. Mathewson
Devastated Book Cover Devastated
Anger Management
R.L. Mathewson
Rerum Carta Industries, Inc.
October 25th, 2019

Bestselling author R.L. Mathewson takes on the impossible with the Anger Management series.

For readers who love to see someone who’s been to hell and back finally get their happy ending.

Sometimes you have to go through hell to get what you want…

Everyone has something in their past that they’d like to forget, but for Kylie Davis there’s no escaping her past. It followed her everywhere, determined to destroy her, and to make sure that she paid for the one thing that her family could never forgive her for.

Being born.

The last thing that Hunter O’Mallery needed was an assistant, but thanks to the deal that he never should have made, he has one. As long as she stayed out of way, he’d been more than happy to leave her alone, but now that she’s caught his attention, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. She intrigued him, drove him out of his mind, and he’d do anything to save her.

Tale as old as Time

Sneaky sneaky.. R.L. Mathewson released Devastated without letting us know that we would be getting ALL the Beauty and the Beast vibes! You can’t spring that on a person! There are preparations to be done and sing-alongs to be had!

I have been reading R.L. Mathewson’s books for years, and along with the rest of her fans we have been anxiously awaiting the first in her Anger Management series and it is FINALLY here!

We meet our leading lady Kylie as she has just signed a year of her life away for an unknown job opportunity. She’s down on her luck and when offered the chance to secure an income that could turn her life around she jumps at the chance.



Hunter is an ass and everyone (including himself) knows it. Due to a series of poor choices he has found himself under house arrest with only a new live-in personal assistant to keep him company. He’s got no time for an assistant that can’t stand the heat so he takes every chance he can to show her exactly why she should get more details before she signs the dotted line.



We knew going in that the Hero was going to be a jerk.. the series is called “Anger Management” for a reason. It never ventured into anything I would deem abusive, so fear not in that regard. He attempted to drive her away by giving her strenuous, nonsensical tasks and quickly realized she was more than able to meet and exceed his challenges. Her overachieving nature quickly turns his annoyance to intrigue as he realizes she’s more than the brainless gold-diggers he’s used to dealing with. As he delves into his Kylie’s past he finds dark secrets that could destroy a person.. but not his little assistant.

The banter between Kylie and Hunter is classic R.L. which always brings a smile to my face. One of my favorite elements in her books is the nicknames her heroes give their lady and she took that and multiplied it by infinity! I loved Devastated and I cannot wait for the “Anger Management” series to continue! 5 Stars!