A Lost Paige (Hidden Kingdom Trilogy Book 2) By L. Rose
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A Lost Paige Book Cover A Lost Paige
Hidden Kingdom Trilogy Book 2
L. Rose
Paranormal Romance
December 3, 2019
ebook, paperback
234 pages

One, two, death is surrounding you.
Three, four, you’ll fight even more,
Five, six, grab your crucifix,
Seven, eight, learn more of your fate,
Nine, ten, battle every now and then.

Paige Alice knows heartache, yet she still has so much to deal with being the ghoul queen. She’ll have to pull up her big-girl panties, steel her heart, and get on with queenly duties… only she didn’t realize it would involve an up-close-and-personal with the devil himself.

*This is the second book in a reverse harem romance trilogy. There's adult themes, course language, humor, and mm scenes, for 18+ only. Book #1 is A Torn Paige.
*Sorry about the cliffhanger again!!!
*Bestselling author, Lila Rose, writing as L. Rose to bring you a brand-spanking-new reverse harem paranormal romance series. You'll laugh, maybe cry, and hopefully enjoy feisty Paige and her annoyingly hot men.

Shifters, Vampires, Ghouls, and Mages OH MY!

Book 2 of the Hidden Kingdom Trilogy by L. Rose is exactly the book we have been waiting for! If you are like me and were left absolutely dying with the cliffhanger at the end of book 1, I promise A Lost Paige will be everything you hoped it would be.

Not only do we get our questions from book 1 answered, more are raised, but through all of it the action is non stop and the heat level is through the roof! Seriously. This book has everything. I have been a long time fan of L. Rose and all the things I have loved in her other titles have all come together in this awesome cocktail of dark, sexy, action packed wonderfulness.

A Lost Paige picks up right after the end of A Torn Paige and we see Paige and her men dealing with loss, betrayal, the stress of running a Kingdom, and also attempting to complete their bonds on top of it all.

Where book 1 set the stage in a lot of way, A Lost Paige really opens up the throttle and we get more action, more intrigue and most of all a lot more heat! Rose’s action sequences are compelling and manage to both keep the plot rolling and give us a look into the different sides of the characters. I loved getting the chance to see Paige and all her men in their monster forms and really flexing their powers. This book solidified my deep and abiding love for Nate and his surly self, getting to see him both kick some serious monster ass and then go straight to being a snuggly puppy with Paige is maybe my favorite thing.

Reverse Harem isn’t always everyone’s cuppa, but this series is delightfully different from others I have read. In most other RH novels, even when there is a “group scene” it’s usually everyone focused on the woman and it stays there. I really love that Rose takes a no holds barred approach to the love scenes and the relationship between Paige, Nate, Asher, Thorn, and Alex. She writes beautiful steamy scenes that bring ALL the heat, but also convey the deep love and emotions between everyone involved.

Without giving anything away… there is a plot twist that MAKES ME SO FLIPPIN HAPPY!!!!! But rest assured, there is NO cliffhanger this time! I am so excited to see the culmination of this story and how everything ties together in book 3… and most of all get another fix of Paige and her men!

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