• Grit: Love Stories on 7th and Main Book 3
Grit Book Cover Grit
Love Stories on 7th and Main (Book 3)
Elizabeth Hunter
Contemporary Romance
Recurve Press, LLC
September 3, 2019
Paperback, Kindle

He’s been patient; she’s been busy.Patience is running out.Melissa Oxford is a widow with a ranch, an orange grove, a goat-obsessed ten-year-old, and not enough time. She doesn’t have time to make friends. She doesn’t have time to stop and chat, and she definitely does not have time for a boyfriend.Which is fine, because Cary Nakamura is far from being a boy. Cary’s the man who helped Melissa plant her trees. The friend who keeps offering advice, even when she’s is too stubborn to take it. He’s also the man who kissed Melissa in broad daylight on a sidewalk in Metlin, California, smack in the face of God and everyone.But while Melissa may spend a little too long dreaming about Cary from a distance, she knows the kind of passion he promises is more than she can handle. She just doesn’t have the time.But sometimes, no matter how busy you are, life makes you stop. It pulls you up short and makes you see things a little more clearly. Things like…The people you can count on.The dreams you keep pushing away.And the passion that can’t be denied.GRIT is a stand-alone, friends-to-lovers romance in the Love Stories on 7th and Main series by Elizabeth Hunter, author of INK.

Nuances and Details in Characters… 

Grit Book 3 of the 7th and Main Series focuses on the pull between Melissa Oxford and Cary Nakamura, two supporting characters from previous books in the series.  While reading Ink and Hooked would give you a richer experience, Grit can easily be read as a stand-alone.  Melissa and Cary are neighbors and friends in the rural farming community of Metlin, CA who have tried to dismiss or ignore the undeniable pull they feel towards each other.  Their farming/ranching lives leave little time for anything else, but that won’t stop cupid from interfering.

Gritsolidifies my opinion that Elizabeth Hunter excels in her ability to create characters that are as diverse and authentic as humanity itself.   Each book contains a mix of characters that showcase a variety of  personalities that can be appealing or not so appealing.  The relationship between the main characters; with their budding attractions, obstacles to overcome, and surrender to love, places the reader on the same emotional roller coaster the characters are riding.  You get all the “feels” when it comes to a contemporary romance by Elizabeth Hunter.

 Elizabeth’s books are fresh and current and put you right in the middle of life in Metlin, CA.  There are always other plots, besides the developing relationship between the main characters, that make for a very interesting story.  You might even see a reflection of your own life in one of her contemporary romances, as I did with Melissa in Grit.  I live on a farm, with a daughter who is animal crazy, especially about goats; in our case they are Nigerian Pygmy Goats.  Elizabeth nails the joy and craziness of this life in every detail she includes.

Grit by Elizabeth Hunter easily earns a   review.