Book Cover Baskerville for BearJessa Archer, the pen name for a variety of authors, has recently release the first three installments of her new mystery series Thistlewood Star Mysteries. Baskerville for Bear is a mini mystery that introduces readers to the characters of the series.  Each book contains its own mystery and conclusion but the main story line begins with Baskerville for Bear.

 I love it so much I made an image just to show you how it looks. Once upon a time, I was a graphic designer. This was a fun e-book title for me.

Now… Onto the book news…

Each of these mini-mysteries are so mini that you won’t feel guilty about ignoring your life duties to sit and read them; and yet, they’re big enough to have their own full story and well developed characters. In Baskerville for Bear, we meet our main character who has just retired to her parents old cabin in a very small town called Thistlewood. She’s newly divorced, and has left investigative journalism behind her. Of course, to us readers it is no surprise when she finds herself back in the game.

Similar to the Coastal Playhouse Mini-Series reviewed by Tanya, this series could be read by nearly anyone that likes light mystery. I would call them PG-13, and perfect for the beach or a back patio read with a cup of coffee.

If you’re still unsure, as of today, Baskerville for Bear is free to everyone on Amazon. Can’t beat that!

P.S. Helvetica is fun but too popular, Palatino is classic like Baskerville, and I believe Franklin Gothic is modern and fun. 😉

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