• Melody's Song by Meg Farrell
Melody's Song Book Cover Melody's Song
Bells Hills Trilogy
Meg Farrell
New Adult, Women's Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Meg Writes, LLC
June 10, 2019
Kindle, Paperback

Everyone makes mistakes. Some are bigger than others.

The biggest mistake in Melody’s life was having an affair with Ryan and becoming pregnant with his child. Now, seven months pregnant she is settling into her new normal and preparing for the arrival of her baby.

Clayton is a new arrival in Bell Hills. He’s left his own mistakes and past in search of a new start. He spends most of his time looking out for his brother and working. His life is comfortably routine until he meets Melody. Her fierce independence is intriguing and humorous for Clayton.

Spending time with Melody creates hope for a relationship that Clayton never thought he’d find.

Melody isn’t sure she wants a relationship.

Hope spun from heartache…   

Melody’s Song by Meg Farrell is a spinoff of Meg’s previously released book A Place to Stand and part of the Bells Hills Trilogy.  While Melody’s Song can easily be read as a stand alone, it helps to fill out the story by reading A Place to Stand first.

Melody struggles with the scars of her childhood and the consequences of having an affair with a married man.  However, Melody begins to realize that life’s events are not always black and white and sometimes love and acceptance are found in the midst of those hard and painful times.

Meg’s writing makes me think of a spider spinning a web.  The individual string is thin and plain but the process of spinning the web is intriguing to watch, even though it is nothing fast or exciting.  The end result is an intricate picture of interwoven strands that is complex and beautiful.  At face value, the story of a young woman with a tragic past, pregnant as the result of an affair, and trying to make ends meet by working in a bar does not scream intricate and exciting book.  That is until Meg gets a hold of it.  She is very gifted at taking normal people and tragic events and spinning heart warming tales of healing, hope, and the chance to find love.  She mixes her southern sense of humor and sensibilities with the hard issues in life to make stories that are both real and impacting.  Melody’s Song will both entertain you and warm your heart and give you hope that despite the things that happen in life there is still love out there. 

I only gave Melody’s Song 4.5 stars because I felt that Meg could have made Melody’s singing a more consistent part of the story and that we didn’t get a fully developed Clayton.  Also, while the editing errors in this book are minimal I still can’t help but notice them.  However, none of these things detract from my high recommendation that you read Melody’s Song.