• Blood Apprentice: An Elemental Legacy Novel by Elizabeth Hunter
Blood Apprentice: An Elemental Legacy Novel Book Cover Blood Apprentice: An Elemental Legacy Novel
Elemental Legacy (Book 5)
Elizabeth Hunter
NA, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Independently Published
February 10, 2019

If you’re a human in a vampire’s world, nothing goes according to plan.When a map to the mysterious fortune of notorious privateer Miguel Enríquez falls in the lap of Ben and Tenzin, only one of them is jumping at the opportunity. Tenzin can’t wait to search for a secret cache of gold. Ben, on the other hand, couldn’t be less excited.All Ben knows about Puerto Rico is what he hears on the news and a few lingering memories of his human grandmother. Going back to his roots holds zero appeal for the carefully constructed man he’s become.In the end, the lure of hidden gold can’t be denied. Ben and Tenzin head to Puerto Rico where the immortal world is ruled by Los Tres, a trio of powerful vampires commanding the wind, the waves, and the mountains that make up this small island in the Caribbean. To find Enríquez’s treasure, they’ll have to walk a fine line between flattery and secrecy. To leave the island might mean a bigger fight than either one of them foresaw.

Pieces in a Puzzle…

Reading an Elizabeth Hunter series is very much like putting together a beautiful puzzle.  Some books are more involved, like the number of edge pieces that establish the border of the puzzle.  Other stories in the series are unique in their own right; even though they fit in the overall tale they can almost stand alone.  These are similar to those one or two puzzle pieces that are intriguing on there own.   Finally, there are the stories that either bring more detailed understanding about a character or event, or help to build a relationships between characters and advance a plot line.  Like the puzzle pieces that start bringing the puzzle together into actual picture; Blood Apprentice reveals deeper layers in the main characters and teases us with anxiously anticipated plot developments.


Blood Apprentice is the fifth work in the contemporary paranormal, Elemental Legacy Series, a spinoff following Benjamin and Tenzin, supporting characters in the Elemental Series.  Tenzin, an ancient, Asian vampire that looks more like teenager than one of the most feared predators in the immortal world, has taken to Benjamin since he was first adopted by her good friend Giovanni.  Having grown up with vampires, Ben is convinced that he will hold onto his mortality, even while trans versing between worlds.  As a young adult, Ben partners with Tenzin to locate and retrieve art treasures for a hefty price.  Their “jobs” take them on adventures that test them mentally and physically. But, a mission to Puerto Rico in search of pirate treasure tests them in much more personal ways, underscoring the growing attraction they are both unwilling and unable to admit. While Blood Apprentice still leaves the relationship between Ben and Tenzin unresolved, it does fill in a lot of pieces to their individual stories.  We are able to understand them better which gives the series a more complete feeling.


(photo credit: Kathryn Bentley @kzb_colors)

If you are new to Elizabeth Hunter, you will get so much more out of this book and others in the series if you read the Elemental Series first.  Elizabeth is such a great writer with consistently good characters and stories.  Her world’s are realistic and intriguing and always leave you wanting more.  I guarantee that once you start you will want to read everything she has written!