• Hot Heir
Hot Heir Book Cover Hot Heir
Pippa Grant
Romantic Comedy
August 31, 2018

A bodyguard with a secret past, and the woman he loves to torment...

If I had to pick a bride of convenience, my first choice would NOT be Peach Maloney.

My fiftieth choice would NOT be Peach.

Top spot on my list of occupational hazards? Yes.

Royal pain in the crumpets? Yes.

A bride of convenience? No.

But I’ve unexpectedly gone from royal bodyguard to monarch, having inherited a crown that was stolen from my family long before my birth. The kicker of this unexpected royal gift? In order to take the throne I must find a wife.

Have I mentioned Peach would NOT have been my hundredth choice?

But I’ve no other options, and she needs a favor that my new position can fulfill quite nicely. So we’ve agreed to play the doting newlyweds out in public.

In private, though, our rules are simple:

No touching.

No talking.

And certainly no sex.

I should have known better than to marry a rule-breaker.

Hot Heir is a romping fun marriage of convenience romance between a surprise heir and a southern hot mess, complete with the bedroom to end all bedrooms, a run-down alpaca, and that thing with the hot air balloon. This romantic comedy stands alone with no cheating, cliffhangers and ends with a royally awesome happily ever after.

“I should have told you how very much I love you.”

Pippa always manages to deliver just what I need. I count on her to give me the right balance of humor- and even if it’s over the top, it just fits. Perfectly. I know she’ll always give me fantastic characters. And I am positive she will always provide me with conversations between her main characters that absolutely leave me swooning. Hot Heir was no different.

Viktor and his uptight gruffness is all the more precious when we get to see that softer side of him. Peach’s southern sass gets peeled away layer by layer by the bodyguard turned royal. And getting to see more of the old gang just made me crave more Pippa words. Just never enough. I always want more. Royal, peachy perfection.