• Simmer by Stephanie Rose
Stephanie Rose
Contemporary Romance
May 16, 2018

Simmer (verb): to stew gently below or just at the boiling point; to be in a state of incipient development

My life was always at a simmer… only stewing, never going anywhere. I was left to fend for myself when it came to affection or love, so I learned to go without.

I refused to let them see how broken and lonely I was; it was much easier to hide behind a false reality. I didn't want anyone's pity. I didn't need it. Pity wouldn't put food on the table or keep a roof over our heads. That was all me.

Now, I have a second chance at a dream long forgotten. It demands hard work and sacrifice—with absolutely no distractions. A recipe I already know all too well, raising a daughter on my own.

Drew Kostas is everything I’ve ever wanted but couldn't let myself have. He’s younger, gorgeous, charming—and relentless. He sees beyond the hardened shell I’ve built to protect myself, coaxing out a softer me I don't recognize.
It doesn't matter how I melt in his presence when the heat between us threatens to boil over.

That's the thing about heat. When it rises, everyone gets burned.

Especially when they're foolish enough to fall in love.

It’s ok. I told you. I got you.

For those Stephanie Rose fans who have read Rewrite and are positive that Sara can not be redeemed: I implore you to read this with an open mind. Because you will get to know a side of this single mom, who has virtually no one in her life. The struggling introvert, who nevertheless does everything and anything she can to make sure that her daughter is provided for, but more importantly, to let her know that she is LOVED. And then you’ll meet the man who shows her that, for the first time in her life, she, herself, is also worthy of love.

For those of you who have read other Stephanie Rose books, but not Rewrite, don’t stress it. This can be read as a stand alone, so you can go back and read Rewrite afterward, because I’m sure you’ll want to get to know more about Josh, Brianna and Victoria and the back story there. But I think Simmer will quickly become your favorite Stephanie Rose book, if not one of your favorite books overall. Sara will work tirelessly and no doubt earn your admiration and compassion. And Drew, well, he won’t have to work that hard, because he is one damn fine, well-rounded, alpha sweetheart.

And if you haven’t read a Stephanie Rose book, well, read this first, and then go back and devour her other works. But remember that Drew is mine.