• A perfect binge read! I literally couldn't put it down.

In her novel¬†Sick Girl, Rachel Hargrove tells the story of both Aubrey and Melissa from their alternating perspectives. Aubrey is in love with Melissa’s husband as well as Melissa’s lifestyle. Both women are terminally ill and therefore live a life different from everyone surrounding them. To get close enough to kill Melissa, Aubrey has to befriend her. In doing so, she realizes that she actually likes Melissa. Killing her becomes much more difficult once they’ve become friends.

Aubrey is definitely a sick girl in more than one way 

Aubrey is definitely suffering from some delusions. In her perspective, the transition into her lover’s life will be simple. Of course he puts his wife first right now, but if Melissa were gone then he could finally put Aubrey first. Simple really, Melissa is terminal anyway. All Aubrey is doing is speeding the process along. Aubrey could move-in with Tom and the kids and enjoy the only good thing going on in her life, Tom. She’d be happy through her final days.

Tom’s wife Melissa was the bread-winning success before she got sick. She was the reason that they could afford the mcmansion in San Francisco. Her tech start-up put them in designer clothes and fancy cars. When her illness forces her to step down from work she becomes obsessed with the company’s place in the stock market. She can’t remove herself from her phone, following her “first baby” while being stay-at-home mom to her two actual children. Melissa could be considered the lucky one between her and Aubrey. Melissa has money to throw at organic food, high quality vitamins, and expensive naturopaths. Most of all, she’s not facing death alone.

There’s surprising revelations involving all three points of this love triangle

As a reader, you can’t help but want both women to get a happy ending. Both of them are destined to die from page one of this story yet you can’t help hoping somehow there’s a miracle cure for them. Sure, Aubrey is crazy but she’s also dying alone. She might just need psychiatric treatment and distance from Tom. Melissa might not be the world’s best mom but again, Cancer. Cancer makes it hard to be as attentive to her kids as she needs to be. She’s fighting for her life literally and was already suffering depression from the loss of her career.

So how does Rachel Hargrove get it done? Do they both die? Does Tom finally get caught cheating? Read this exciting thriller to find out!