• Come Again by Poppy Dunne
Come Again
Poppy Dunne
Romantic Comedy
February 28, 2018

It is truth universally acknowledged, that a single woman in possession of a dead-end job, shoebox studio apartment, and zany, intensely loyal friends, must be in want of a man.

But in my wildest dreams, I never expected that man to remember me selling overpriced KoolAid in my Rainbow Brite underpants when I was six years old. Life is unpredictable.

Fraser Drake was the least sexy boy when we were growing up: all elbows and knees and khaki pleats and debate club. But right now, in my mother's kitchen, he's never looked hotter, more irresistible. Granted, he's looking down on me as I expertly dance the sock hop scene from Grease. But behind those layers of haughty indifference, I detect the hint of lust.

He is everything I never knew I wanted. Since I met him, my feet haven't touched the ground and my smile hasn't left my face. His laugh is like a well-aged scotch, and I have a feeling I could get drunk on it.

If a Pride and Prejudice/Bridget Jones’s Diary mash-up but with more sex, sexual tension, and sexy sex, sounds good to you, you've come to the right place

“If you don’t work it, you don’t own it. That’s what George Washington said.”- Lily Brightman on IG

Poppy Dunne is a one-click author for me. It’s nice to read an enemies to lovers. And spicy romance is always fun. But when you add comedy to the mix it is the BEST THING EVER. And good lord, does Ms. Dunne know how to mix it in. From the mildly comical to hysterically outrageous, this book, and her previous ones, will have you crying with laughter (although there may be a time or two within each where you’re actually just… crying.)

Emma Brightman is the advice guru. Name a self-help book or an advice giving YouTuber and she’s certain to be familiar with them. So she knows a lot of things. What she doesn’t know yet, at age 32, is how it feels to be in love. 

Fraser Drake is Emma’s brother’s best friend. He moved back home to England after high school and has only recently returned to the states. And reconnecting with Justin Brightman is one of the very few advantages he’s finding to the relocation. After all, his life holds very little joy. He’s been badly burned in the past. And goodness knows that hasn’t helped him relax any of his uptight and overly proper personality. But something about Emma…

Watching these two argue, at first, and then flirt- SO comically awkward- and then finally jump each other, runs the gamut from hot to ridiculous to touching. It’s also had me singing On the Street Where You Live and craving chips for a few weeks. But despite wishing My Fair Lady would get out of my head and cursing orange fingers, I can’t recommend this book highly enough.