• Buried Alive by Stacey Marie Brown
Buried Alive Book Cover Buried Alive
Stacey Marie Brown
Contemporary Romance
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
January 6, 2018
Kindle, Paperback

Nine years after a tragic accident, Hannah “Brennley” Evans has returned home to the snowy mountains of Whistler, Canada. This is the very place that destroyed her, where her whole world ended, and the reason she now goes by Hannah Jennings. Struggling with his own tragic past, Rhys Axton, an infamous sexy snowboarding champion, wants nothing more than to be the next Olympic hopeful. Sex, snowboarding, and working out are all he cares about, which helps shut off the demons that haunt him and the family who rejected him. The moment Hannah walks into his room, he knows something is different about her. Drawn to her, he can’t seem to stay away from the mysterious, guarded girl. They are two heartbroken souls who both understand the darkness. Little does he know she lives in lies and carries secrets that will bring his universe to its knees and secrets that will bury them both alive.

Get ready to experience an avalanche of emotions…

Stacey Marie Brown has never had a problem eliciting a wide range of emotions from her readers with her well-known, steamy, paranormal thrillers that include larger than life characters, heart- stopping action, and heart- pounding attractions.  So when I heard about her writing a contemporary romance, Buried Alive, I wasn’t sure what to expect other than the fact that she creates memorable characters that live in your head for days after reading her books.  I definitely was not prepared for the range and intensity of emotions that she was able to create from a steamy romance set against the backdrop of Whistler, Canada.

After the death of her grandmother, Hannah returns home to the place that that nearly destroyed her and still haunts her.  While there she crosses paths with Rhys Axton, the “infamous sexy snowboarding champion” who has no idea who she is other than that he is inexplicable attracted to her.  She, however, knows exactly who he is but is unable to fight the intense physical attraction he produces in her.

If it were only because of the steam produced when Hannah and Rhys get together, Buried Alive, would be a temperature elevating book worth reading.  But, Stacey is far from content to let that be the only thing to raise your blood pressure.  Instead she leads you on a suspenseful journey to learn what has been haunting Hannah all these years.  It will keep you glued to your seat till the end and in tears by the time you get there.  Thanks Stacey for such an unexpected delight and keeping me up all night!  I now know that it doesn’t matter what she writes, I shouldn’t start a new one until I know that the next day is lite.