• Breakaway by AM Johnson
The Rule Book Collection
AM Johnson
Sports Romance
A.M. Johnson Books
March 15, 2018

As Tampa Bay's star center, Mark Carmelo's life was hockey, and after a bitter and public break up, all he wanted to do was focus on the game.
Until he saw her.
The one that got away.
The one he thought he'd never see again.

For thirteen years, Stevie West drowned in her lackluster life. Recently divorced from her “roommate” with passionless benefits, she was ready to start over. On her own.
Until she ran into him.
The same man she'd met one year ago.
The temptation that had finally given her the courage to find herself again.

When lightning strikes twice, there’s no way to deny the chemistry it creates.
But with both of them still nursing old wounds, Mark and Stevie will have to find a way around the other's defenses, a way to breakaway and score the one thing they never expected… love.

“I should’ve had the balls to tell you I loved you so much…”

A hockey romance? That’s my jam. With a hero born and raised in New Hampshire? Fresh ice on the rink’s surface. Add in a heroine older than the hero? HAT TRICK!! I mean any of these things individually probably would have had me picking up this book. But the three of them all together? Bumped it right up the top of my list. Couple that with the fact that it was authored by the super talented AM Johnson and I had a feeling I was in for a treat. I had NO idea that this hockey romance would be so unbelievably special. 

Mark Carmelo is a twenty-five year old hockey player. In the prime of his life, and his career as a starting center for Tampa Bay. But there’s so much more to this inked, muscled hottie. He shows incredible loyalty to his friends and teammates. He is super close to his family and dotes on his autistic niece, Poppy. He runs a hockey camp for special needs kids and has a degree in education. And he’s been burned by love. Badly. Enough that he’s become a little cynical. Until one night, in a nothing-special sports bar, he sees the woman that could change his life.

Stevie West is just back in town for a few days. At thirty-two, she’s seeking something- escape from her stagnating marriage, possibly a new perspective and she’s drowning the drama in drinks with a friend. And hockey? She couldn’t tell you the first thing about the sport. So, Mark Carmelo is about the furthest thing from what she thought she was seeking.

The connection is instant. The chemistry is palpable. And the tension is divine. But the timing. The timing is way off.

But fate has a way of helping out true love. And man, is their love true. Bumpy? Sure. Separated by distance? Age? Absolutely. But the love is undeniable. And the story is incredible. The supporting characters bring the funny, and the sweet and all the feels. And at the end of this story, you’ll wish they were real. That they were your friends. And that the story would never end.

AM Johnson has scored another game-winning goal with this one. And I can’t wait for the next book in the series.