• Epic Love is Eternal
Nox Book Cover Nox
Royal Protector Academy #3
Randi Cooley Wilson
Paranormal Romance
Secret Garden Productions
January 20, 2018

Love has revived an ancient war
Jealousy has risen and torn lives apart
And one prophecy demands the ultimate sacrifice

What if rewriting your destiny means that you must sacrifice the one you love? Serena St. Michael has forsaken her future—for him. Tristan Gallagher has renounced the throne—for her. The Vergina Sun prophecy has been fulfilled, but at what cost? Their love has renewed an ancient war. With Serena gone, will Tristan save her in time? Or will the dark army of Diablo Fairies descend upon the Royal Protector Academy, destroying the London clan’s legacy and ending the existence of the gargoyle race forever?

Nox is the final novel in the Royal Protector Academy series. This dangerously exciting and darkly romantic conclusion will take your breath away. It can be read as a stand-alone trilogy or after the bestselling Revelation series. Intended for mature readers (18+) due to language, mild violence, and sexual situations.

Would You Give Your Life for Your Love?

Well, it’s over.

Years of love, lust, loss and lunacy; tales of good versus evil and bad ass heroines, mixed with broody and hot protectors that have kept us warm at night, and made our blood run cold at the epic moments…

It’s an epic conclusion.

No, that’s not all I will tell you about Nox by Randi Cooley Wilson.  But I also have no plans to give anything away, so I will do my best to share the vibes of the story – without the details.

Wilson’s Royal Protectors have enthralled us since the first book in the original series – Revelation. As this spinoff series about the children of those first works, we find that real life can be tested, but it cannot be destroyed. The bonds of family, faith and forgiveness can delineate us, but they can also unite us.


Will things work out for Tristan and his gargoyle princess, Serena? Will they get the happily ever after that we all think they deserve? Or will they, in an effort to protect one another, destroy one another? That’s the thing about love, isn’t it? The very thing that sustains us can just as easily kill us.

This final story brings together not only the Royal Protector Academy crew but also the London clan, helping us to say goodbye to a beloved series with an epic finale.

Wilson sweeps us into the story from the first words on Page 1. We are forced to become an unwilling (or willing?) bystander to the emotional devastation of loss and emptiness. Tristan’s pain is palpable, his anger tangible. Likewise, Serena makes choices in an effort to protect him that can ultimately doom him.

By giving into the storyline, we are swept across imaginative realms and into the darkest corners of our hearts where we let evil win every day. Wilson ensures you need for Xanax and wine with every twist and turn of the story as alliances are tested, new bonds formed and Callan makes cookies… lots of them.  But love is the ultimate – worth every sorrow and sacrifice.

As for how it ends, I was both surprised and pleased. The final chapter closes with a satisfying thud – a little broken and battered but better for it.

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