• Infraction by Rachel Van Dyken

Hot and Steamy and Heartwarming????  


Related imageDefinitely not a combination I would have guessed when I received Rachel Van Dyken’s Infraction.  I’ve read a number of her other works and knew she could write adult books with great wit and humor.  Even the cover, with the toned babe and buff football player, insinuated that there would be lots of “action”.  I love football, so it didn’t take long to hook me on a story of a pro football player, Miller, and his quarterback and best friend’s sister, Kinsey, trying to keep their deep attraction for each other a secret.  When someone from Kinsey’s past returns and threatens her well-being, both physically and emotionally, her brother insists that she and Miller “pretend” to be dating.  Little did he know that his “play calling” would quickly put Miller and Kinsey in the “red zone”.

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I’ve always enjoyed Rachel’s writing.  She is sharp and snarky and her characters are just plain fun to be around.  However, leave it to Rachel to blindside me when I thought I was marching down the field to the finish.  Image result for quarterback sackHer inclusion of a sincerely touching scene left me in tears.  I was so pleased how this story turned out.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that Rachel’s gift is more than just giving us hot bodies, hot scenes, and playful banter.  She can write a story that will touch you and entertain you on so many levels.

If you are looking for an entertaining adult series, grab Infraction: Players Game Book 2!