• Unwrapped by Amelia Wilde
Amelia Wilde
December 13, 2017

He’ll give her more than just a gift...

Emily was my first real kiss. First f*ck. First everything.

But why would she want a bad boy with a rough past?

We broke up ten years ago and she’s on my mind every day.

So when she shows up in town for Thanksgiving with f*ck-me eyes and a reckless side to her uptight persona, I let her jingle my bells.

Who wouldn’t?

One last hot night together, and I’ll be over her. For good.

Only it’s not that simple.

By Christmas she’s back with news that changes everything.

Turns out, you should keep all your gifts wrapped up tight.

Because now we’re both on the naughty list...

Unwrapped is a sexy, sweet Christmas novella. For a limited time only, this volume includes Single Dad’s Barista as a bonus novel! Unwrapped ends at around 35%.

We can do anything…”

If you’re looking for a sweet holiday novella full of second chance romance, redemption, and Christmas wonder look no further than Unwrapped. Amelia Wilde delivers her signature combo of sexy and sweet, followed by her ever-present happily ever after.

Emily Powell is floundering a bit. Her lifelong dream of becoming a lawyer has been achieved, but it’s not *exactly* playing out the way she had pictured. During her quick stay at her parents’ for Thanksgiving, she takes the opportunity to seek out the boy from her past. Except that boy is now a man. A super sexy one. In flannel. But he still has that bad boy edge. Well, maybe he’s not exactly in her past?

Finn Wyatt isn’t really a bad boy. He pretty much never was. But an alcoholic father meant he was painted with the same “troubled” brush during his high school years. And he has worked diligently for the past decade to shed that image, to become a successful carpenter and a good neighbor. He’s kept pretty quiet on the relationship front, as well. And when Emily Powell, the girl he once loved, who was all of his firsts, blows back into town, he just can’t say no to her. But she’s gone before the sun has risen.

Christmas is coming, though. And maybe presents from Santa won’t be the only surprises under the tree this year.

Unwrap this book for an uplifting tale of gifts that don’t come in wrapped boxes and how holiday wishes really can come true.