• Lightness Falling
Lightness Falling Book Cover Lightness Falling
Lightness Saga
Stacey Marie Brown
Fantasy, romance
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
May 27, 2017
Kindle, Paperback

In gaining the crown, Kennedy lost friends, her first love, and her heart. And now her throne is being threatened. In this time of turmoil, radical groups surface trying to kill her and take down the kingdom. Kennedy is forced to go undercover and penetrate one of these groups with the help of the one person she has sworn against ever seeing again. Lorcan Dragen. The one man she let in, but cannot have. What she has to do to save her falling reign is dangerous, foolish, and impossible. That doesn’t even come close to the truth she discovers along the way. Kennedy’s world is flipped upside down with heartbreaking discoveries, betrayal, secrets, lies…and a darkness Kennedy won’t be able to fight. Herself. When lightness falls, darkness rises. Which side will win? Find out in the conclusion of Kennedy’s story.

One of my favorite authors!

For the sake of disclosure, Stacey is on the list of my top 10 fantasy authors.  I have read The Darkness Series and The Collector Series more than once. She is an author with a wild imagination and snarky attitude who never fails to burn up the pages with sizzling attraction between her characters.  One minute she will have you on the edge of your seat with anticipation as the fast paced drama unfolds then the next minute you are chuckling at the witty banter. She is consistently a five star in my view.

As you can imagine I was super excited about The Lightness Saga when it came out.  I was thrilled to get more of the dystopian earth, before and after the fall of the veil separating the fae realm from the human world, from the point of view of supporting characters from The Darkness Saga.  The Crown of Light is the concurrent account of the epic encounter (between the Fae Queen, the Unseelie King, and Ember) as experienced by Kennedy, one of the last known Druids, and Lorcan Dragen, the rouge brother of the Dark Dweller clan.  Lightness Falling picks up where these two books end. **So as not to give spoilers I will not talk much about the plot which I felt was pretty solid**

Even the best of us have missteps…   

I gave Lightness Falling four starts because of how hard it was for me to get into the book and because of the building disdain I initially felt for Kennedy and Lorcan (mostly Kennedy) in their new roles and circumstances.  As a supporting character Kennedy was timid but likable.  As a lead in The Crown of Light her progression from insecure teen, trying to come to terms with her inner drives and passions, to prominent figure fit with the story.  But, in Lightness Falling her constant inner battle, between what she knows she wants but won’t act on, starts to get old fast. So much so that more than once I wanted to reach in the book and slap her.


Luckily, by persevering the book got back to the Stacey Marie Brown style I know and love; action packed paranormal/fae adventures, snarky dialogue and banter, and hot, hot (did I tell you they are hot) encounters!



If you haven’t already, read both series and start looking for book #3 in the series The Fall of the King, scheduled for release October 12, 2017.