• Fix Me Not
Fix Me Not
The Fix Series
Carey Heywood
Contemporary Romance
September 21, 2017

Paige Sullivan's life is a train wreck. In a matter of months she lost her business, her swanky apartment, and her big city life. Now she's stuck in Nowhere, New Hampshire, sleeping on her mom's couch. If that wasn't bad enough, she's forced to do odd jobs for money. She has a plan though, and once she's saved enough, she's out of there. That is, as long as she doesn't murder her sexy new employer first.

Asher Thompson is the ruggedly handsome hermit of the Thompson clan. Tall, ridiculously sexy despite his beard, and annoyingly aloof, his main concern is his privacy. He fills his days with his work as a carpenter and the peaceful solitude of his lake house. A peaceful solitude that vanished the moment Paige Sullivan stormed into his life, hell-bent on driving him crazy.

The problem is, opposites attract and each time they cross paths she works her way further under his skin.

Sometimes exactly what you really need, is in the last place you’d expect to find it.

I *may* be biased because this series takes place in my home state, of New Hampshire, but I’ll try not to let it affect my rating. LOL. In all seriousness, Carey Heywood is a fantastic writer, she could have had this take place in any state, and it would not have changed my opinion.

Asher Thompson is a loner. A ridiculously hot loner, but a loner nonetheless. Uncomfortable in social situations, other than family gatherings, he spends his time creating carpentry masterpieces in his cabin on the lake. And he’s ok with that. He has Millie, an older, motherly-type, to get his mail, pick up his groceries, and do his cleaning. And occasionally, he’ll even sit and talk with her. She’s all he needs. But when Millie falls and breaks her leg cleaning, what’s Asher supposed to do now?

Paige Sullivan’s life has imploded. Her company has folded, her boyfriend cheated on her, and she doesn’t have a cent to her name. So, although it’s the last place she wants to be, she has no choice but to go home, to New Hampshire, and move back in with her mom, Millie.

When Millie is injured, both Paige and Asher’s lives are turned upside down. Paige hadn’t intended to stay on. Asher is at a loss for how to proceed without Millie to get him the things he needs. Millie has the perfect solution. Paige can work for Asher. Too bad it’s hate at first sight for both. All Asher sees is a spoiled, uptight princess who doesn’t even treat her mom well. Paige hasn’t even started working for him and she’s already sick and tired of hearing, from her mom, how wonderful Asher is. In her opinion, he’s a lazy, awkward hermit.

But what if what they imagined each other to be, was wrong?

Carey Heywood does an amazing job in this enemies to lovers tale. I loved watching Asher and Paige move from hatred, to annoyance, to tolerance, to understanding, to an unbelievable love. These two characters both have that persona that they show to the world, and then the true self that they keep hidden and only show to a very few people. Watching them begin to trust each other enough to show those hidden sides was phenomenal. This next book in the Fix Me Up series is definitely one to reread. My only problem is how long I have to wait for the next book…