• Let Me Be Your Hope
Let Me Be Your Hope
Music and Letters #2
Lynsey M. Stewart
Contemporary Romance
August 22, 2017

Abi Sinclair is a determined social worker and committed party girl. She’s independent, ballsy and living the single girls’ dream. But underneath the bravado and empty one-night stands, she's hiding a broken heart…

Jamie Dawson is Abi’s lost love, the only man who ever made her feel alive. When he left Nottingham two years ago to take care of his terminally ill mother, they agreed to communicate only by letter, both believing their love was meant to be.

One regrettable lie forced them down very different paths.

One rash decision forced them apart.

But Jamie is back. And he’s Abi’s new manager. Only he’s a different man—too different.

Desperate for answers, Abi won’t stop until she uncovers the truth behind Jamie’s two-year absence…

This novel contains strong language, mainly from Abi. She can’t help it. Jamie is guilty too, particularly when passion gets the better of him.

There are also descriptions of sex, therefore this novel is only suitable for 18+

This is the second book in the Music and Letters series but can be read as a standalone.

Star- crossed lovers in modern times…

Let Me Be Your Hope is the second book in a series, but can definitely be read as a standalone. However, if you read the first book in Ms. Stewart’s Music and Letters series and got to know this amazing and tightly-knit group of girlfriends, you know that you will feel compelled to read ALL the books in the series.


There’s no way you can live without knowing what journey each of the women will take both in their love lives and in life, in general. Add to that, that Ms. Stewart’s writing has continued to develop and improve, and this book practically runs onto your TBR.



Abi Sinclair is the life of the party and the spirit of the group. Being “the fun one”, though, is a cover that only her closest friend, Elle, sees through. One night stands, Olympic level flirting and alcohol fueled nights will never actually take away the pain of love lost.


In the book, we are taken back two years, to a time when Abi is about to qualify for her social work license and is assigned to practice tutor, Jamie Dawson, for the duration. Hot coffee isn’t the only thing flying when these two first cross paths. Abi is no wilting flower. Flirty banter is her bread and butter and she andJamie begin on a course that can only end one way. And it does. But what they don’t expect is that the sexual tension and the burning chemistry between them is actually only the beginning for these two. Star-crossed lovers, the two develop a love for the ages, that deep and absolutely soul encompassing love.


But their love is put to the test when Jamie must leave to take care of his ailing mother. Letters fly between the two, who have decided to communicate solely in this form. And the distance begins to wear on them both. Doubt creeps in, feelings are miscommunicated and mistakes are made. Epic mistakes. On both ends.


Two years go by. Two long years, in which both have held their hearts in check. And then Jamie returns. And Abi is certain they can move past it all and reunite. But some things can not be forgotten so easily. And some things can not be forgiven.


Will Jamie and Abi ever be able to find the HEA their one-time storybook true love envisioned? The story of Abi and Jamie is one with many ups and downs. Many difficult subjects surface throughout the course of the story.


And you will be angry. And you will sob. And you’ll laugh and swoon and go through the entire gamut of feelings. But at the end, you will hope that you will, even just briefly, get the opportunity to know what it feels like to be this loved/in love.