• Love, Drama, Danger... the works.
Deadly Silence Book Cover Deadly Silence
Blood Brothers
Rebecca Zanetti

Under siege. That's how Ryker Jones feels. The Lost Bastards Investigative Agency he opened up with his blood brothers has lost a client in a brutal way. The past he can't outrun is resurfacing, threatening to drag him down in the undertow. And the beautiful woman he's been trying to keep at arm's length is in danger...and he'll destroy anything and anyone to keep her safe.

Paralegal Zara Remington is in over her head. She's making risky moves at work by day and indulging in an affair with a darkly dangerous PI by night. There's a lot Ryker isn't telling her and the more she uncovers, the less she wants to know. But when all hell breaks loose, Ryker may be the only one to save her. If his past doesn't catch up to them first...

Full of twists and turns you won't see coming, DEADLY SILENCE is New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Zanetti at her suspenseful best.


I might be obsessed with all of the worlds created by Rebecca Zanetti.

I’ll forever be indebted to a friend who recommended her “Dark Protectors” series to me. If you like to judge books by their covers, here is a sample of my favorite covers from Rebecca Zanetti.

Book Covers Rebecca Zanetti

Moving onto “Deadly Silence“. This is the first book in a series about three brothers who survived and escaped an abusive childhood. None of the men know their birth families, they choose each other as brothers in a group home for boys. While staying there, they were forced to allow a woman to periodically test them physically and mentally without explanation as to why. After an accident at the boys home, the boys flee town and begin a new life on the run from their past.

As adults, Ryker and his brothers have established a successful business finding people who can’t be found. Perhaps the reason they’re good in this line of work is because of their unexplained enhanced senses. They have extremely sensitive hearing. Ryker is able to sense a lie while Denver is a master with computer technology. While assisting on a serial killer case and for the first time set up a physical office for their business. Not long after a 12-year old boy hires them to find a woman named Dr. Madison. He isn’t clear why it is so important, but the sketch of Dr. Madison looks a lot like the mysterious doctor from their own childhood. They want to help the kid, but will it blow their cover and expose them to their past that is still chasing them?

As if that isn’t enough suspense and mystery to solve, Zara is the paralegal love interest of Ryker in this story. She comes with her own danger and suspense. Her best friend is divorcing a high profile man and has to hide out in seedy motels. Zara is breaking ethical code of her law office when she helps her friend financially and emotionally because her firm is representing the ex-husband. I could continue down this road but you really should read this book to see just how much more complicated this story gets. 🙂

But wait… there’s more! 

This series is a spin-off of another series about three brothers. The “Sin Brothers” series happens first and should (in my opinion) be where you start, but it’s not required. It will give you the full story about who Dr. Madison is, what she’s done to these lost men without families, and the secret program in which they were raised. The sin brothers make a cameo in Deadly Silence. 😉