• The White Mage Saga
The White Mage Saga Boxed Set #1-3 Book Cover The White Mage Saga Boxed Set #1-3
The White Mage Saga
Ben Hale
Fiction, Fantasy, Paranormal, Action
Snowlight Publishing
September 16, 2015

Forced into hiding, the mages of Lumineia have been forgotten. In their absence the world has become known by another name, Earth. The humans have flourished with time, unaware that The Last Oracle is destined to unite them. At her touch magic will be unbound, and known again as truth.

But an ancient war harbors a deadly secret. Draeken, the Lord of Chaos, had a second apprentice, one who became trapped with the defeated fiends. Fueled by revenge and dark magic he has mastered a power that Draeken himself could not, and the time is fast approaching for it to be unleashed.

The Dark is waiting . . .

This Boxed Set contains the first three books in the bestselling White Mage Saga; The Last Oracle, The Sword of Elseerian, and Descent Unto Dark. The final two books and the bonus prequel are currently available on Amazon

Attention pre and early teens, or the parents of…

thereaderI have to credit my kids with my return to reading. Wanting to know what they were reading (was it appropriate) led me to read a lot of books.  I have four children, two boys and two girls, with diverse interests in genres, so over the years I have read a wide variety of books.

Occasionally, I like to review books that help parents make reading suggestions for their own kids. The White Mage Saga by Ben Hale is one of those recommendations.  I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Hale in person at PennedCon, in St Louis a month ago.  Mr. Hale was one of the participants of a panel that I attended.  I was struck by how articulate and insightful he was about the motive and purpose for his writing and curious as to the quality of his stories. I was not disappointed.

It is great when you can find a prolific author, one you trust with regards to appropriateness for the preteen and magical world of booksearly teen reader, that produces a high quality, captivating series.  Ben Hale would fall in that category. His vivid imagery and creative story-lines result in tales that are a fast-paced adventure through a world of fantasy and magic. Solid characters and writing, rich in vocabulary and diction, will enhance a child’s love of literature.

The White Mage Sage contains books 1-3 of the series; The Last Oracle, The Sword of Elseerian, and Descent Unto Darkness.  Books 4 & 5; Impact of the Fallen and The Forge of Light, as well as the prequel; Assassin’s Blade, are available.  The whole series is also available for free with KindleUnlimitedLogo.

Let your kids have a go at this series and the other works by Ben Hale.