• Now That It's You
Now That It's You Book Cover Now That It's You
Tawna Fenske
Women's Fiction, Romantic Comedy
Montlake Romance
September 6, 2016
Paperback, Kindle, Audible, MP3 CD

Talented chef Meg Delaney hasn’t spoken to her cheating ex-fiancé, Matt Midland, for two years. Ditching him at the altar after blurting out “I can’t” instead of “I do” would sour any relationship. But now, just as Meg is finally ready to bury the hatchet, she learns closure is permanently off the menu. And the kicker? Matt’s brother, Kyle, is back in her life, stirring up feelings that are equal parts guilt and lust.

Meg was the best thing that never happened to Kyle. He couldn’t make a move on his brother’s girlfriend—even if Matt didn’t value her nearly enough. The situation is even more complicated now that Meg’s bestselling aphrodisiac cookbook has spawned a legal battle with the Midlands. Maybe he should stay away. But love, like family, plays by its own rules. And the one woman he shouldn’t want might be the only one who’s perfect for him.

Just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to…

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That’s Now That’s It’s You in a nutshell for Meg Delaney, a caterer who left her fiance at the alter when she found out he had cheated on her.  We can all think of times when we invested ourselves, heart and soul, into a situation only to be faced with shattering disappointment.  This was Meg’s reality with Matt Midland, the man she had been with for over 10 years before she convinced him to get married. Kyle Midland was always in competition with his older brother Matt.  Matt never seemed to appreciate how great his life was and seemed to only find satisfaction in making Meg and Kyle feel less significant.

and you are in a low spot in life…

Life is a journey.  Sometimes the road we take seems the farthest from where we want to end up.  We can despair about our current situation and second guess our choices, which is where Meg is at when we meet her.  In a courageous act she decides to close the chapter of her life with Matt and move on, only to find that the ability to do that is taken away from her.  But that doesn’t matter when she reconnects with Matt’s younger brother Kyle.  Even though Kyle has become successful in his own right, he has never been validated in Matt’s eyes.  He is also still resentful of Matt’s treatment of Meg, a girl he holds as the standard for all the relationships he as been in.

doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you ever imagined!

Just when they least expected it, their dreams and ambitions open up to them in the most unlikely way. Rascal Flatts explains it best in their rendition of Bless the Broken Road.

I really enjoyed this story.  Tawna captured my attention in a wonderfully crafted and unique twist to the story of betrayal and second chance at love.  I loved how genuine Meg and Kyle were and how they found a way to work through their issues.  Now That It’s You is a great contemporary romance with humor, passion, and optimism.