• The Merciless By Danielle Vega
The Merciless Book Cover The Merciless
Danielle Vega
Juvenile Fiction
June 12, 2014

In an effort to make friends at her new school, Sofia gets involved with a group of popular girls who dislike Brooklyn, a loner who they believe to be evil.

Mercifully Great

Forgive us, Father, For we have sinned.

When people say this, all I can think about is being at church. But not with this book, IT took everything to another level. Not a God level, but it diffidently makes me re-think what goes on in high school. Yes, high school.If you have ever been that kid who changes schools every so often, Sofia knows it all too well. She started a new school, met a friendly person who she thought was cool. Saw a hot guy, and saw that group of girls that every one stops to look at.  When you see a small horrible sight on your first day and the cool girl wants to be your friend. Sofia ends up hanging out with Riley and her friends. She find out they are willing to go the long far way in order to be holy, even if it was a sin. When they decided they were going to use Sofia to bring their old friend Brooklyn away from the devil.  Even if  Riley has to perform an exorcism herself, even if it cost her friend life.

The ending was such a twist , that I could almost not bare to read it. Okay maybe I just had to finish read it, cause I could not put the book down. This book would be considered a jaw dropping shocker.