• Robyn Hood: A Girl's Tale
Robyn Hood: A Girl's Tale & Fight for Freedom Book Cover Robyn Hood: A Girl's Tale & Fight for Freedom
Robyn Hood Series
K.M. Shea
Myths & Legends, Fairytales, Comedy
Take out the trash, first edition
February 16, 2013

The ballads lie. Robin Hood, the Bold and Brave Outlaw of Sherwood Forest, is cowardly, spineless, and a girl.

In A Girl's Tale Robyn unwittingly starts the Robin Hood farce when she is mistaken for a male while saving her friend, Marian, from two foresters. Forced into hiding, Robyn unwillingly collects "Merry Men" while grudgingly robbing from the rich fools that wander through Sherwood. What starts as small scale robbery blows up into complex heists when Little John and Will Scarlet join her team, and the idiotic Prince John and his legion of soldiers comes to town. However, Robyn can't stop the theft—not when King Richard is being held ransom.

Cowardly Robyn’s best chance to raise money for King Richard’s release is to rob his brother, Prince John. Will she survive the heist, or swing in the gallows?

In Fight for Freedom Robyn left her band of Merry Men after losing an archery contest against Little John and runs to the last place her men would expect: the courts of Prince John. Robyn successfully masks her identity until Little John and Will Scarlet locate her with Marian’s help. Unfortunately the Merry Men are found out, and the Sheriff of Nottingham makes plans to hang them. Robyn must save her men and find a way out of the locked Nottingham Castle, or she will lose her trusted partners to the noose.

The Merry Men aren’t the only friends Robyn is fighting for. Marian—Robyn’s childhood friend—will be unwillingly married to the persistent and violent Sir Guy of Gisborne if Robyn can’t stop the wedding.

Can Robyn save her men, her closest friend, and finally pay King Richard’s ransom?


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With most schools winding down for the summer I thought it would be appropriate to recommend a great author of pre-teen/teen books to give your kids some good reading ideas.  K.M. Shea is a witty and humorous writer who has put a twist on the traditional fairy tales.  In Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale the classic story of Robin Hood is turned on its heals when we learn that Robin Hood is actually Robyn, a girls initially mistaken for a boy who keeps up the masquerade in order to pay King Richard’s ransom. (think Disney’s Mulan)  

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We follow the rest of the story in Fight for Freedom, where Robyn must decide what is truly important and what she is willing to fight for.  Both stories do a great job of captivating the reader and are very age appropriate for young teens.    This series is also a wonderful introduction to K.M. Shea and her many adaptions of fairy tales and historical characters like King Arthur, Puss in Boots, and Rumpelstiltskin in series like King Arthur and her Knights and Timeless Fairy Tales.


They will provide hours of great reading this summer.





These books, as well as many of K.M. Shea’s other works, are available for free with Kindle Unlimited.  You can also learn more about her and her other works at kmshea.com or on Facebook and Twitter.