KM SheaMy pen name is K. M. Shea, but my readers—I prefer to call them Champions—call me Kitty.

I completed my first novel in eighth grade. It was a horrendous mess and a crime against humanity, but it was fabulous practice. I’ve written steadily since then and have worked as a journalist, a library staff member, and a newsletter editor. In 2014 I was able to quit my part-time work and write full time!

I’m a huge book geek—I love everything from the classics to science fiction, but fantasy and young adult are my favorite genres—and I’m a pretty big nerd as I love video games, super heroes, computers, and I have a passion for book memes.

I am dedicated to writing funny, clean stories with strong characters. Books like that are among my favorite to read so naturally I love writing stories like that as well. My philosophy is that life is tough, so books should be something that makes you relax and laugh!

I have tri colored collie I call Perfect Dog who is my near constant companion, and I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to grow an indoor mint plant I call Bob. (Well…Bob the VI as I’ve had to replace him a lot.)

If you want to get to know me more, try checking out my facebook page (or my twitter feed—there are links to both in the right bar. If you want to be book buds check out my goodreads profile: K. M. Sheaand if you’re interested in getting glimpses of my life then I suggest subscribing to my instagramKM.Shea—although be forewarned that I post A LOT of dog pictures.?